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MBA Distance Education

Full Form
Semester Fee
Master's Of Business Administration
2 Years
12,000-37,500 INR
Degree Master's
Full Form Master's Of Business Administration
Duration 2 Years
Eligibility Graduation
Semester Fee 12,000-37,500 INR

MBA (Master of Business Administration) Why Should You Opt for MBA Distance Education for Deciding the Right Career Path? Consequently, the online MBA (Masters of Business Administration) course is a master’s degree in business management where the core courses of this MBA program cover umpteen areas of business such as applied statistics, business ethics, business law, and business communication. Along with, operations, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, accounting, and many more.


Through an online MBA courses, you can build your prosperous career in any of the given business programs. As, the specializations in MBA (Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Finance, and Retail Management) are available in many streams. Hence, you can choose the right one for the betterment of your career.

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Pursue your mba for distance learning course without disturbing your work or personal commitments. Study at your own speed and schedule, from anywhere in the world.

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Access a comprehensive platform with live projects, an online library, study materials, and more.

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Stay updated with the latest business trends. Understand the modern business world.

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Get quick and thorough answers to your questions from dedicated tutors.

Write the exam in your chosen language:

Choose to take exams in English, Hindi, or Punjabi according to your language preference.

MBA Distance Education Specialization

MBA Distance Education programs offer a variety of specializations, so you can choose a path that aligns with your interests and career goals. Explore Some of the Most Popular Specializations Below

Distance Education Universities for MBA Course

Pursue higher education with India’s top-ranked distance universities, offering Online/Distance MBA programs.
Achieve your academic goals with the flexibility and convenience of distance learning

NAAC A+ Recognized
MBA Course Fee: ₹25,000/- Semester
Approvals: UGC | NAAC A+
Location: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Advantage: Online Mode
NAAC A+ Recognized
MBA Course Fee: ₹20,500/- Semester
Approvals: UGC| NAAC A+
Location: Faridabad, Haryana
Advantage: Rated NAAC A+
NAAC A++ Recognized
MBA Course Fee: ₹37,500/- Semester
Approvals: UGC-DEB | NAAC A++
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Advantage: Top NAAC A++
NAAC A++ Accreditation
MBA Course Fee: ₹31,000/- Semester
Approvals: NAAC A++ | NIRF
Location: Phagwara, Punjab
Advantage: Highest Placement
NAAC A+ Accredited
MBA Course Fee: ₹43,750/- Semester
Approvals: UGC | NAAC A+
Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Advantage: Experienced Faculty
NAAC A Recognized
MBA Course Fee: ₹37,500/- Semester
Approvals: UGC | NAAC A | UPES
Location: Prem Nagar, Dehradun
Advantage: High Placement
NAAC A++ Grade
MBA Course Fee: ₹42,500/- Semester
Approvals: UGC | NAAC A++| NIRF
Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Advantage: Expert Faculty
NAAC A++ Grade
MBA Course Fee: ₹50,000/- Semester
Approvals: UGC | NAAC A++
Location: Pune, Maharashtra
Advantage: Lowest Fee
Naac A+ Accredited
MBA Course Fee: ₹15,000/- Semester
Approvals: UGC | NAAC A+
Location: Aligarh,UttarPradesh
Advantage: Expert Faculty
Naac A+ Accredited
MBA Course Fee: ₹16,340/- Semester
Approvals: UGC | NIRF 27 | NAAC A+
Location: Ajitgarh, Punjab
Advantage: Expert Faculty
Online Examination
MBA Course Fee: ₹13,000/- Semester
Approvals: UGC-DEB | NAAC A
Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Advantage: Expert Faculty
NAAC A Accredited
MBA Course Fee: ₹12,500/- Semester
Approvals: UGC-DEB | NAAC A
Location: Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
Advantage: Lowest Fee

Distance MBA students enjoy many diverse employment opportunities after completing the course. They have qualified in various fields, based on their particular interests and expertise.

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05. Admission Confirmation

You will get an admission confirmation directly from the university.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a distance MBA is an actual, valid degree. It offers many job opportunities in marketing and related industries.

According to Technavio, distance MBA graduates will see an increase of USD 2.28 billion between the years 2021 and 2025 in India. Over the last few years, online degrees have gained popularity due to their various benefits.

The benefits of a distance MBA are that you can continue working and don’t have to interrupt your career while studying. With an online MBA, you’ll be able to explore new areas within your industry and grow your career from the comfort of your home.

If you want to learn better management skills but don’t have the time to attend regular classes, then a distance MBA program is perfect for you. 

An MBA distance education offers a flexible and affordable path for working professionals to enhance their business skills and knowledge without disrupting their careers.

Choosing the right university for your distance MBA course is vital for career growth. With many options, carefully evaluate each institution based on reputation, accreditation, curriculum, faculty, and student experience.