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Master of Commerce

Distance MCOM Degree from India’s Top University

Apply for MCOM Distance Education from UGC-DEB Approved Top Distance Education Universities in India 2024. Explore the convenience of distance MCom degree. Secure your future by enrolling in MCom course and begin your distance education MCom journey today for a flexible and enriching educational experience.
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Master's of Commerce (MCom)
2 Years
6,000-27,000 INR
Degree Master’s
Full Form Master’s of Commerce (MCom)
Duration 2 Year
Eligibility Graduation
Semester Fee 6,000 – 27,000 INR

What Is Distance MCom?

An M.Com (Master of Commerce) is a Postgraduate program that provides detailed training in various aspects of accounting, finance, economics, or taxation. The duration of the MCOM Distance Education program is two years, but it can extend up to four years. This course is designed for individuals who require a flexible learning schedule due to commitments such as work or family. The curriculum encompasses areas such as accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and business analysis.  It facilitates remote learning without the necessity of being physically present on campus. It utilizes online classes, virtual assignments, and group projects that can be completed remotely. This allows students to study from anywhere and at a pace that suits their needs. The course aims to equip students with the analytical and strategic skills necessary to address complex business challenges and enhance their career prospects in the competitive global market. Opting for a distance MCOM is beneficial for working professionals seeking to advance their qualifications and career prospects without having to leave their current jobs.

Distance MCom Course Overview

Course NameMaster of Commerce (MCom)
Course levelPost-Graduate
Program Duration2-4 years / Divided into 4 to 8 Semesters
EligibilityIt requires a bachelor’s degree in commerce or a related field from a recognized university, with a minimum of 50% marks.
CurriculumThe MCom curriculum covers advanced studies in accounting, finance, economics, business management, and quantitative techniques.
Learning ModeRecorded and live online lectures, Interactive sessions via video conferencing, Discussion Forums
Study MaterialsE-books, PDFs, and online resources
AssessmentRegular assignments and project work
Fee Structure₹6,000 to ₹27,000 Per Semester
Accreditation/ApprovalsUGC-DEB, NAAC, AICTE
FlexibilitySuitable for Employed individuals and Students
Career OpportunityAccountant, Auditor, Tax Consultant, Financial Analyst
Placement Support/AssistanceTop universities in India provide up to 100% placement support and assistance for their students to get jobs.

Eligibility Criteria and Duration for MCom Distance Learning

Every university has its own eligibility criteria for enrolling in distance MCom courses, but here are some common frameworks followed by most universities in India, whether private or government:

Eligibility for distance MCom varies by university but follows common criteria across India

The duration of a distance MCom (Master of Commerce) program can vary depending on the educational institution and the specific program structure. However, a distance MCom program in India usually spans 2-4 years. Verifying the program duration with the specific university or college offering the distance MCom program is essential.

To be on the safer side, students must check the specific requirements and eligibility criteria for the interested course or university, as they can have unique criteria.

Advantages of Distance MCom Degree

Distance MCom courses are beneficial for students and working professionals. Due to their flexibility and affordability, this mode has become a favored option for people who cannot attend regular classes. These programs enable people to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate while doing their job. Here are the advantages of a distance Mcom degree:

Distance MCom courses offer key benefits, allowing students and professionals to advance their education and careers.

Flexible Learning Mode:Learn at a speed that suits you while smoothly juggling work and personal responsibilities.
Updated Course Curriculum:Stay ahead of industry trends with a curriculum designed to furnish you with skills relevant to modern challenges.
Live+Recorded Session:Participate in live sessions and access recorded lectures at your convenience for flexible learning.
Doubt clearing session:Receive prompt assistance from dedicated, expert tutors to resolve any queries or concerns.
LMS Portal:Benefit from a dynamic learning system with live projects and extensive study materials.
Experienced faculty:Benefit from outstanding educators who are dedicated to enriching your learning experience.

Why Should You Pursue MCom from Distance Learning Mode in 2024?

Type of MCom Degree Courses

Distance MCom programs come in various types to suit different needs and preferences. Here are some common types of distance MCom courses:

1. Online MCom

Online MCom provides a virtual classroom environment where lectures, assignments, and exams are conducted entirely online, necessitating effective time management. The duration of an online MCom program is 2 years.

4. Part-time MCom

Part-time MCom programs allow students to balance their professional commitments with academic pursuits, requiring effective and proper time management and dedication. Completing the program could take 2.5 to 4 years.

2. Distance MCom

With distance MCom degree program, students can enjoy flexibility in their studies, accessing course materials remotely and engaging with online lectures and self-paced content. This program duration is 2 but it can extend up to years.

Top 7 MCom Distance Education /Distance MCom Specializations in 2024

Many universities in India offer MCom distance education programs with specialization. To meet the demands of today’s world, they offer the most popular specializations that help students build their bright futures. In 2024, the following are the top 7 Mcom specializations in India:

Here are the most popular MCom Specializations in India that offer advanced knowledge to students

Management Finance Taxation
Economics Accounting and Finance Finance and Systems
International Finance (Accredited by ACCA, UK)

Distance MCom Education Course Syllabus

The syllabus for the Distance MCom course varies from university to university, but some subjects are common across all. Here is the general syllabus and subjects for a Distance MCom education course:

Semester 1Semester 2
1. Advanced Financial Accounting1. Corporate Financial Management
2. Business Management2. Marketing Management
3. Economics for Managers3. Human Resource Management
4. Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions4. Research Methods for Business
Semester 3Semester 4
1. Strategic Management1. Project Management
2. International Business2. Business Environment
3. Elective 1 (e.g., Taxation)3. Elective 3 (e.g., Insurance)
4. Elective 2 (e.g., Banking and Finance)4. Dissertation/Project Work

Top 10 Distance MCom Universities in India for July 2024 Admission

If you are ready to heighten your career in commerce, then you should explore these top 10 distance learning MCom universities in India. These universities offer flexible programs that allow you to balance your studies with your personal and professional commitments.

In India, the following universities offer accredited distance MCom courses with details on fees and approvals.

University Fee Location Approvals and Accreditations Download Brochure
Manipal University 27,000/- Semester Jaipur, Rajasthan UGC | NAAC A+
Lovely Professional University (LPU) 9,000/- Semester Phagwara, Punjab UGC-DEB
Jain University 26,250/- Semester Bangalore, Karnataka UGC | NAAC A++
Sikkim Manipal University 22,500/- Semester Gangtok, Sikkim UGC | NAAC A+
Amrita University 22,500/- Semester CoiMComtore, Tamil Nadu UGC | NAAC A++
Sharda University 17,500/- Semester Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh UGC | NAAC A+ | NIRF
Shobhit University 13,500/- Semester Meerut, Uttar Pradesh UGC | NAAC A
Suresh Gyan Vihar University 6,500/- Semester Jaipur, Rajasthan UGC-DEB | NAAC A
Mangalayatan University 6,000/- Semester Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh UGC-DEB | NAAC A+
Subharti University 7,500/- Semester Meerut, UP UGC-DEB | NAAC A
University Fee Location Approvals and Accreditations Download Brochure
Manipal University 27,000/- Semester Jaipur, Rajasthan UGC | NAAC A+
Lovely Professional University (LPU) 9,000/- Semester Phagwara, Punjab UGC-DEB
Chandigarh University 11,350/- Semester Ajitgarh, Punjab UGC | NIRF 27 | NAAC A+
Jain University 26,250/- Semester Bangalore, Karnataka UGC | NAAC A++
Sikkim Manipal University 22,500/- Semester Gangtok, Sikkim UGC | NAAC A+
Amrita University 22,500/- Semester CoiMComtore, Tamil Nadu UGC | NAAC A++
Sharda University 17,500/- Semester Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh UGC | NAAC A+ | NIRF
Shobhit University 13,500/- Semester Meerut, Uttar Pradesh UGC | NAAC A
Suresh Gyan Vihar University 6,500/- Semester Jaipur, Rajasthan UGC-DEB | NAAC A
Mangalayatan University 6,000/- Semester Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh UGC-DEB | NAAC A+
Subharti University 7,500/- Semester Meerut, UP UGC-DEB | NAAC A

Top 10 Government Universities for Distance MCom Admission in India

Many top government universities in India offer quality distance Mcom programs. These universities provide services that include academic guidance, career counseling, and technological assistance, ensuring that students have the resources they need to succeed.

Here are the top Indian government universities that offer quality distance programs, UGC-approved and NAAC-accredited.

University Fee (approx. INR) Location Approvals and Accreditations
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)9,300 INRNew Delhi, IndiaUGC, AICTE, AIU, COL, DEC, NAAC
Jamia Millia Islamia24,000 INRNew Delhi, IndiaUUGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC A+
Annamalai University20,390 INRChidambaram, Tamil NaduUGC, AICTE, AIU
Delhi University12,500 INRNorth Campus,, DelhiUGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC A+
Madurai Kamaraj University8,000 INRMadurai, Tamil NaduUGC, AICTE, NAAC
Acharya Nagarjuna University13,000 INRGhaziabad, Uttar PradeshUGC, AICTE, DEC
Karnataka State Open University40,000 INRMysore, KarnatakaUGC, AICTE, DEC
Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University11,000 INRNashik, MaharashtraUGC, AICTE, DEC
Nalanda Open University8,800 INRPatna, BiharUGC, AICTE, DEC
Netaji Subhas Open University7,600 INRKolkata, West BengalUGC, AICTE, DEC

Admission Procedure For MCom Distance Universities

The admission process for distance MCom courses can vary between universities. However, there is a common sequence followed by most colleges and universities in India. Given that, here are the common steps involved in the admission process for distance MCom courses:

Here are the steps for the admission process for distance MCom courses, followed by many universities:

Admission Process (How to Apply?)

01. Submit Form

Fill out and submit your application form online.

02. Expert Counseling

After you will receive a call from our expert counselor.

03. Choose a University

Then select the course according to your interest and eligibility.

04. Online Payment

Then you need to make a smooth & hassle-free online fee submission.

05. Admission Confirmation

You will get an admission confirmation directly from the university.

Top 10 Distance MCom Colleges/Universities' Updated Fees List for 2024

Making an informed decision about your MCom education through distance learning requires understanding the fees and program options available. Explore the fees for the top 10 private colleges/universities in 2024 to make a well-informed choice that aligns with your financial and academic goals.

Making a budget-conscious decision about your distance MCom education is essential. Here is the latest list of fees

MCom College/UniversityMCom Semester Fee (in INR)
Manipal University27,000
Lovely Professional University9,000
Chandigarh University11,350
Jain University26,250
Sikkim Manipal University22,500
Amrita University22,500
Shobhit University13,000
Suresh Gyan Vihar University6,500
Mangalayatan University6,000
Subharti University13,500

Who can apply for MCom Distance Learning Courses?

Distance MCom programs offer flexible learning, making them ideal for career advancement in commerce for the following categories:

Distance MCom programs enable students to maintain a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible learning options. Students can access course materials and complete assignments on their own time, allowing them to integrate their studies into their busy schedules.

Career Scope After MCom from Distance Education

distance MCom opens doors to a diverse range of career options in commerce. With the knowledge and skills gained, you can explore entrepreneurial opportunities in various fields, such as e-commerce, financial services, or management consulting.

Distance MCom offers the following career paths based on specialization and experience

Career LevelJob RolesApproximate Salary Range (Annual in INR)
Entry-LevelFinancial Analyst, Junior Accountant , Marketing Coordinator₹3 LPA  to   ₹5 LPA
Mid-LevelFinancial Manager, HR Manager, Operations Manager₹7 LPA  to  ₹14 LPA
Senior-LevelChief Financial Officer (CFO), Marketing Director, Vice President of Human Resources₹20 LPA  to  ₹35 LPA
Mcom Distance Education
Mcom Distance Education

Distance MCom vs Online MCom

Distance MCom programs are ideal for independent learners who prefer self-paced study. Online MCom programs are better suited for interactive learners who thrive in collaborative environments and appreciate real-time interaction.

Understanding the differences between distance and online M.Com programs allows you to choose the option that best aligns with your learning preferences.

FeatureDistance MComOnline MCom
Delivery ModePrimarily through postal mail for study materials, with some online support.Online communication, including lectures, discussions, and submissions.
InteractionOpportunities for personalized learning through LMS and emails.Live sessions and interactive LMS for real-time communication.
FlexibilityFixed deadlines for assignments and exams, but you can study at your own pace.High flexibility with options to access content and complete assignments anytime.
MCom CostThe cost can be either lower or on par with online courses, depending on the university you select.It can vary widely but generally includes technology fees and platform access charges.
Assessment and ExaminationsAssessments are online, but Exams are conducted at designated centers.Exams and assessments are conducted online with proctoring software.
Accreditation and RecognitionRecognized by educational authorities like UGC-DEB, AICTE, and NAAC to ensure high standards.Accredited by key educational bodies such as UGC-DEB, AICTE, and NAAC, ensuring excellence in educational standards.

Top Recruiters Hiring Distance MCom Graduates

Each company has its own hiring policies and criteria for evaluating candidates. While some may explicitly state their perspective on distance MCom graduates, others may consider their qualifications and experience on a case-by-case basis.

These top recruiters understand the importance of work-life balance and offer generous benefits and a supportive work environment.

IndustryTop Recruiters for Distance MCom GraduatesAverage Salary Packages
BankingHDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank7 LPA to 30 LPA
Accounting & AuditingDeloitte, KPMG, PwC, Ernst & Young5 LPA to 24 LPA
Information TechnologyTCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL Technologies, Tech Mahindra7 LPA to 22 LPA
ConsultingAccenture, Capgemini, EY, Accenture, Insight Sourcing Group, McKinsey & Company19 LPA to 27 LPA
E-commerceAmazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Meesho, JioMart5 LPA to 15 LPA
FinanceBajaj Finance, Aditya Birla Finance, Mahindra Financial Services Limited5 LPA to 20 LPA
RetailReliance Retail, Future Group, Aditya Birla Retail, Tata Retail, Shoppers Stop6 LPA to 18 LPA
InsuranceLIC, ICICI Prudential, HDFC Life, Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance9 LPA to 15 LPA

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can pursue an MCom through distance learning at accredited institutions offering such programs.

The best university for MCom correspondence depends on factors like accreditation, faculty quality, and course content. Research and compare options to find one that suits your needs.

An MCom degree achieved through distance education holds value among employers and educational institutions when it comes from an accredited university and complies with industry standards.

Completing an MCom in one year through distance education may be possible at some universities offering accelerated programs. However, it depends on the specific requirements and structure of the program.

The level of support varies by university, but it often includes:

  • Learning materials, textbooks, and online resources.
  • Recorded or live online lectures and tutorials 
  • Reach out to faculty through email, chat and discussion forums.