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Choose an online BJMC degree from a top university in India and transform your educational experience with the flexibility to study from anywhere. This program is designed to enhance your journalism skills and leadership abilities, essential for advancing your career. Benefit from flexible study hours and interactive online platforms that encourage networking and teamwork, providing a comprehensive education no matter where you are.

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Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication
3 Years
10+2 Passed
10,000-29,000/ INR
Full FormBachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication
Duration3 Year
Eligibility10+2 Passed
Semester Fee10,000-29,000/ INR

What is an Online BJMC?

An online BJMC Course In Journalism Mass Communication is an undergraduate program that provides a comprehensive education in media and communication disciplines with the utmost flexibility. The duration of this program is 3 years. It includes journalism, public relations, and digital media, enabling students to learn from anywhere. The full form of BJMC is Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication. The online format is perfect for those who cannot engage in regular programs but still want to earn a higher education degree. 

An online BJMC degree program is the digital counterpart of the traditional BJMC course. It delivers extensive journalism and mass communication knowledge via the Internet, allowing students to study remotely. This is particularly advantageous for working individuals who cannot commute to campus due to time or geographical constraints.

Online BJMC programs typically blend asynchronous (learn anytime) and synchronous (live) classes, employing advanced technology to manage and deliver courses effectively. These programs are more affordable than their on-campus counterparts. This course includes news writing, media ethics, broadcasting, and multimedia production.

Online BJMC Course Overview

An online BJMC program provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes subjects like journalism, media studies, public relations, and advertising, all accessible through digital platforms. This format is perfect for professionals looking to enhance their credentials while maintaining their current jobs. The courses are designed to be flexible, featuring interactive elements such as live webinars, discussion forums, and group projects, creating an engaging and collaborative learning environment. Below is an overview table of the Online BJMC Course:

Course NameBachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)
Course LevelUndergraduate
Program Duration3 years / Divided into 6 semesters
EligibilityCandidates should have completed their higher secondary education (10+2) from a recognized board.
Learning Mode
  • Pre-Recorded Teaching Videos
  • Live Webinars for Interaction
  • Query and Support Sessions
Study MaterialsDigital study materials
AssessmentAssignments, projects, and online exams
Fee Structure₹ 10,000-29,000/- per semester
Accreditation/ApprovalsUGC-DEB, NAAC recommended
FlexibilitySuitable for working professionals, 12th pass-out students, career changers, homemakers, retired persons
Career OpportunityReporter, Editor, Public Relation Manager, Content Creator, Media Planner
Placement SupportUp to 100% placement support and assistance

Eligibility Criteria for Online BJMC Degree

If you’re interested in a media career but don’t have the time for regular classes, then an online BA Course in Journalism Mass Communication might be a perfect fit. However, before enrolling, be sure to check the eligibility criteria.

Looking for an online BJMC course for a flexible media career path. Check the given eligibility criteria:-

Eligibility of BJMC  Online Learning

NOTE: Some Universities might have higher or specific grade requirements depending on the competitiveness.

Duration of Online BJMC Degree

Advantages of an Online BJMC Degree

The appeal of online BJMC programs is growing as they offer numerous benefits and flexible ways to learn. These programs are a great fit for anyone looking to start or enhance their career in media and communications. Highlighted advantages include:

Here are the advantages of pursuing a BJMC through online mode to enter the field of media and communication:

Self-Paced Learning:Allow students to control their own study schedules, which is perfect for balancing educational goals with other life commitments.
UGC-Approved Degrees:Recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), ensuring their validity and acceptance across India.
Internationally Recognized:BJMC degrees are acknowledged worldwide, enhancing their prestige and value in the global job market.
Access to LMS Portal:Students have access to a Learning Management System (LMS) portal, which centralizes all course materials and makes the learning process more structured and accessible.
Flexible Class Options:Online BJMC courses offer live and recorded sessions, allowing students to participate in real-time or watch them conveniently to understand better.
Interactive Doubt-Clearing Sessions:These programs include specific sessions to address students’ questions and facilitate direct interaction with faculty to resolve academic doubts.

Why Should You Pursue a BJMC Degree Online in 2024?

An online BJMC program offers a flexible, cost-effective, and accessible way to earn a degree in media and communication. Here are several reasons to consider an online BJMC program in 2024:

Online BJMC Course Subject and Syllabus

Interest in Online BA Courses in Journalism and Mass Communication is growing because they offer flexible learning options and a thorough education in journalism and mass communication. These programs are perfect for those wanting to enhance their expertise in various media-related fields and advance their careers across different sectors. Their flexibility and contemporary relevance underline their significance. Below is a general outline of the subjects and syllabus for a BJMC degree. The exact details and structure may vary based on the university providing the program.

Here is a basic overview of the subjects and syllabus for a BJMC degree, though the specific details and format can differ depending on the university offering the program.

Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3
Introduction to JournalismPrint JournalismTelevision Journalism
Communication SkillsMedia Laws & EthicsRadio Journalism
Basic Computer SkillsPhotojournalismMedia Research
Semester 4Semester 5Semester 6
New MediaMedia ManagementMedia Criticism
Public RelationsFeature & Opinion WritingDigital Media Production
AdvertisingDocumentary FilmmakingInternship/Project

How Online BJMC Exams are Conducted?

Online BJMC programs utilize various technologies and methods to maintain the integrity of their examinations and accurately assess students’ competencies. Here are several techniques commonly employed:

Top Online BJMC Universities in India for July 2024 Admission

Begin your journey with an online BJMC  from leading universities in India. Take advantage of the convenience of online learning. The given table features top universities offering BJMC programs, giving you the necessary details to choose a course that meets your educational and professional goals. Explore our recommended BJMC universities, noted for their high-quality and flexible learning approaches.

Start your online BJMC with top Indian universities, detailed in our comprehensive table to help you meet your educational and professional goals.

University Name Fees Per Semester Location Approvals and Accreditations Download Brochure
Chandigarh University 22,500/- Ajitgarh, Punjab UGC | NAAC A+
Shoolini University 10,000/- Solan, Himachal Pradesh UGC | NAAC
Amity University 29,000/- Noida, Uttar Pradesh UGC | NAAC A+
University Name Fees Per Semester Location Approvals and Accreditations Download Brochure
Chandigarh University 22,500/- Ajitgarh, Punjab UGC | NAAC A+
Shoolini University 10,000/- Solan, Himachal Pradesh UGC | NAAC
Amity University 29,000/- Noida, Uttar Pradesh UGC | NAAC A+

Top Government Universities for Online BJMC Admission in India

In India, numerous prestigious government universities provide online BJMC courses. These courses are perfectly suited for a broad spectrum of students, including those employed full-time who wish to pursue further education without discontinuing their employment. These courses adhere to high educational standards, as they are accredited by the UGC. Below is a list of some of the top government universities in India that offer UGC-accredited online BJMC course,

Explore the given list of top government universities in India offering UGC-accredited BJMC online  programs:

University Fee (approx. INR) Location Approvals and Accreditations
Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology 42,000 (Approx) INR Hisar, Haryana UGC | NAAC A+
Odisha State Open University 11,700 (Approx) INR Sambalpur, Odisha UGC | NAAC

Entrance Exams for Online BJMC Programs

The interest in Online BJMC programs continues to grow among students in India, driven by their flexible and in-depth educational offerings. While most universities do not conduct entrance exams for online BJMC programs, some universities have their own entrance tests to determine the suitability and commitment of potential students. These exams are designed to align with the needs and topics relevant to BJMC programs. Effective preparation for these entrance exams requires access to suitable resources and the follow-through of proven study strategies. Key measures include beginning your studies early, maintaining a clear study plan, and consistent practice. Implementing these methods improves your chances of securing admission into the online BJMC program of your choice, thus establishing a solid base for your future educational and professional goals.:

Admission Procedure for Online BJMC Programs

Pursuing an online Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) degree offers a flexible and convenient approach for students to study journalism remotely. Here is a streamlined guide to assist you through the admission process for most online universities

Here’s a simple guide to help you through the admission process for most online universities:

Admission Process (How to Apply?)

01. Submit Form

Fill out and submit your application form online.

02. Expert Counseling

After you will receive a call from our expert counselor.

03. Choose a University

Then select the course according to your interest and eligibility.

04. Online Payment

Then you need to make a smooth & hassle-free online fee submission.

05. Admission Confirmation

You will get an admission confirmation directly from the university.

Top Online BJMC Colleges/Universities' Updated Fees List for 2024

University Name Fees Per Semester
Chandigarh University 22,500
Shoolini University 10,000
Amity University 29,000

Who Can Benefit from BJMC Online Learning Courses?

Online Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) courses can benefit a variety of individuals who are interested in media, communications, and journalism. Here are some groups who might find these courses particularly advantageous:

Here are some groups who could greatly benefit from BJMC online courses:

Is an Online BJMC Degree Considered Valid by Employers?

An online Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) degree is considered valid by employers if it comes from an accredited and reputable university. The acceptance of such degrees has grown as online education aligns more closely with industry standards and incorporates practical, up-to-date skills like digital journalism and multimedia content production. The quality of the program, the university reputation, and the success of its graduates in the field further enhance the credibility of an online BJMC degree. As media industries increasingly operate in digital spaces, the technological proficiency gained through online learning is viewed as directly applicable and valuable.

Job Opportunities After Online BJMC degree

Online BJMC graduates enter the job market equipped with specialized skills in journalism, media production, and digital communications. These skills are increasingly sought after in various sectors, including digital media, public relations, broadcasting, and content creation. Job roles for these graduates can range from content writing and social media management to broadcast journalism and public relations, providing opportunities for innovative work in media and communication. The table below outlines potential job titles for online BJMC graduates at different career stages (entry-level, mid-level, senior) with estimated salary ranges in Lakh per annum (LPA).
Online BJMC graduates with expertise in journalism and digital communications are in demand across sectors like digital media and public relations. The table below shows job roles and salaries at various career stages.
Job Level Position Salary Range (INR LPA)
Entry Level Content Writer, Social Media Coordinator, Junior Journalist, Public Relations Assistant 3 – 5 LPA
Mid Level Public Relations Manager, Copywriter, Digital Marketing Specialist, Video Producer 6 – 10 LPA
Senior Level Editor, Communications Director, Senior Journalist 10 – 18 LPA
online bjmc
online bjmc

Top Recruiters Hiring Online BJMC Graduates

Universities offering online BJMC programs prioritize preparing students for careers and provide robust support services to ease their transition into professional roles. These institutions facilitate this transition through virtual job fairs and online networking platforms, enhancing students’ professional networks and visibility in the job market. It’s important to note that salary packages may vary based on factors such as location, job roles, and individual skills and experience. Below is a compilation of leading recruiters and their corresponding salary ranges:

Online BJMC programs at universities focus on preparing students for the workforce and are supported by strong services. Here is a list of major recruiters and their salary offerings.

Industry Top Recruiters Salary Range (LPA)
Media & Broadcasting Times Group, NDTV, Zee Media, ABP News 3 to 9 LPA
Print Media Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, Hindustan Times, Dainik Bhaskar, The Hindu, Times of India, The Indian Express 2 to 8 LPA
Advertising & PR Ogilvy & Mather, Edelman India, Weber Shandwick 4 to 10 LPA
Digital Media Scroll Media, ScoopWhoop, The Quint 3 to 7 LPA

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

An Online BJMC course is a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication program delivered through a virtual platform. It equips you with the knowledge and skills for careers in media and communication fields, but with the flexibility of remote learning.

Employers recognize reliable online BJMC degrees from accredited universities. However, some employers may still prefer traditional on-campus degrees.

Yes, many online programs allow or even encourage internships to gain practical experience.

Assignments may include writing articles, creating multimedia content, analyzing media content, group projects, and presentations.

Courses are delivered online through learning management systems (LMS), and they include video lectures, presentations, assignments, discussion forums, and sometimes live sessions with instructors.