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About  Amity University

Amity University Online stands as a pioneering initiative by Amity, committed to offering individuals a robust platform for elective online learning. This initiative empowers participants to enhance their competencies, cultivate expertise, and refine skills across diverse disciplines and career paths. At the heart of Amity’s online education portfolio lies its prestigious online MBA program, globally accredited and spanning two years (4 semesters). This comprehensive program boasts specialization in 12 distinct areas and integrates project work strategically designed to equip graduates with essential skills tailored for a wide array of business administration career opportunities.

Amity’s online degrees are highly esteemed among employers and recruiters globally, underscoring their significant value in the professional landscape. The program seamlessly blends the flexibility of online learning with Amity University’s renowned academic excellence and industry relevance. Students partake in a comprehensive learning journey, actively engaging with industry experts, collaborating with peers, and gaining invaluable practical insights through immersive case studies and hands-on projects.

Why should you choose
Amity University?

Reputation of Excellence:

Amity University is renowned for its esteemed academic excellence and legacy spanning over 30 years.

Affordable Fee Structure:

Amity Online University provides affordable programs, ensuring accessibility to quality education for all aspiring learners.

Flexible Learning Options:

Amity Online University offers flexible learning with live and recorded classes, accommodating students' diverse schedules for personalized education.

Updated Industry-Focused Curriculum:

University ensures its courses are designed and regularly updated by industry experts, guaranteeing you receive current and pertinent knowledge.

Recognized Degrees:

You will earn a degree accredited by UGC, recognized by government bodies, private organizations, and higher education institutions in India and worldwide.

Placement Assistance:

At Amity University, students have access to dedicated placement assistance, featuring resume-building workshops, career guidance sessions, and placement drives to enhance their career prospects.

After Admission
Amity Offers These Benefits

Learning Management
System (LMS):

Amity Online University offers a centralized platform that enables students to access course materials, participate in discussions, submit assignments. The flexible learning management system (LMS) is accessible round-the-clock from any location, ensuring students can learn at their own pace and convenience.

Interactive Virtual

Amity University fosters an interactive learning environment through virtual classrooms where students can engage in real-time discussions, ask questions, and collaborate with peers, enhancing their educational experience.


Amity Online University utilizes a wide array of e-learning resources such as e-books, multimedia content, and interactive simulations to enrich its courses. These resources are integral to its advanced curriculum, supporting a robust higher education experience.

24/7 Dedicated Support

Amity University guarantees students continuous 24/7 support throughout their academic journey, offering access to dedicated student advisors, technical assistance, and a wealth of online resources to enrich their learning experience.

Online Assessments
and Exams

Amity Online University utilizes a secure online assessment platform for quizzes, assignments, and final exams, ensuring students receive timely feedback on their academic performance.


Amity University provides learning opportunities facilitated by experienced faculty members who bring practical insights from industry connections into the classroom environment.

Online Courses Offered In Amity University

Explore online learning programs at Amity University. Here are some of the most popular courses available:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


3 Years

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Post Graduation

2 Years

Bachelor of Computer
Applications (BCA)


3 Years

Master of Computer Application (MCA)

Post Graduation

2 Years