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BLIS Course Distance Education

Full Form
Semester Fee
Bachelor of Library and Information Science
1 Year
10+2 Passed
12,500 INR
Degree Bachelor's
Full Form Bachelor of Library and Information Science
Duration 1 Year
Eligibility 10+2 Passed
Semester Fee 12,500 INR

BLIS is referring to the Bachelor of Library and Information Science. BLIS Course is a one-year degree program that is related to the library management course that you can find in Distance Education schools. Apart from this, BLIS distance education includes an introduction to a library and information science. It is an organization of information sources, libraries, and information management.

Along with, information sources and services, information technology, library literature for children and young adults, research indexing and abstracting, special libraries, public libraries, library practice, and archive management. For those interested in broader academic pursuits, our program also facilitates admission for BLIS, allowing students to explore business administration through distance education. With flexible online courses, individuals can pursue a BLIS degree online, accessing high Quality content on BLIS course online.

Key Highlights of
BLIS Distance Education Course

Flexible Learning Mode:

BLIS Distance Education lets you learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world, making it perfect for busy professionals, parents, and those in remote areas.

Live+Recorded Session:

Attend live classes for real-time interaction or watch recorded sessions at your convenience, giving you flexibility in your schedule.

LMS Portal:

Access a Learning Management System with live projects, an online library, and study materials.

Updated Course Curriculum:

The course curriculum is always up-to-date with the latest theories and methodologies in library and information science, ensuring you learn the most current skills.

Doubt clearing session:

Get help with any questions through dedicated doubt clearing sessions with instructors.

Write the exam in your chosen language:

In Distance Blis you can Write exams in your preferred language, whether it’s English, Hindi, making it easier for you to express your knowledge.

Distance Education Universities for BLIS Course

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Swami Vivekanand Subharti University

Course Fee :
12,500/- Semester
Approvals :
Eligibility :
Bachelor degree in any stream
Lowest Fee
Location :
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
EMI Available :
Eligibility :
Bachelor degree in any stream
EMI Available :

BLIS from Distance Education gives job opportunities in India to students in various fields and avenues. After getting advanced skill training in library science and information technology, Jobs are available in both private and public sectors.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

The Bachelor of Library Science degree is awarded to graduating students who have met all university requirements in library science. The typical abbreviation for the degree is “BLS,” often spelled with periods (“B.L.S.”)

In order to be eligible for the BLIS course, you must have completed a Bachelor’s degree with at least a 50% in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics.

Librarians are in high demand in the government and private sectors. Librarians can also be assistants to professors or publish catalogs for universities. Continuing your education will allow you to go into even more specialized fields.

No, you can enroll directly in Distance BLIS Course.