Naac A+ Accredited

(Master of Computer Application)

Distance MCA in Chandigarh University

( Master of Computer Application)

Distance MCA in Chandigarh University

Naac A+ Accredited
Naac A+ Accredited
Full Form
Semester Fee
Master Of Computer Application
2 Years
  Full form Master of Computer Application
  Duration 2 Yrs
Semester Fees 14,350/-

Distance MCA Program In Chandigarh University

Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Distance Course designed for professionals and individuals keen on the IT industry. This 2-year course, approved by the UGC, covers computer applications, programming languages, software development, and other important areas in information technology. Its MCA distance education program at Chandigarh University is made to fit around the schedules of working professionals, letting them study without interrupting their current commitments. The curriculum focuses on the latest industry practices, ensuring students learn theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for success in IT.

The coursework involves both theory and hands-on experience to help students apply their knowledge effectively. Chandigarh University ensures quality education in distance learning. The program is supported by experienced faculty members who guide students through distance  classes, discussions, and virtual labs. By enrolling in Chandigarh University’s MCA distance program, individuals not only gain a strong base in computer applications but also develop problem-solving, analytical thinking, and decision-making skills crucial in the competitive IT field. Overall, Chandigarh University’s MCA program through offers a flexible yet solid educational path for those aspiring to succeed in the dynamic realm of information technology

Key Highlights of Distance MCA Course In Chandigarh University

Flexible Learning Mode:

This program lets you study when it suits you best, whether you have a job or other things going on. You can set your own schedule

Live+Recorded Session:

You can join classes live or watch them later. So, you won't miss out even if you can't attend in real-time

LMS Portal:

You'll work on actual projects online, making learning more practical and hands-on

Updated Course Curriculum:

You'll learn the latest stuff that's important for jobs today. The program keeps up with what's happening in the tech world

Doubt clearing session:

If you're stuck on something, there are special times to ask questions and get help from teachers

Write the exam in your chosen language:

You can choose to take your exams in the language you prefer, whether it's English, Hindi, or another language you're comfortable with.

View All Semester Wise Subject Details MCA Course in Chandigarh University

Master of Computer Application

Subject CodeSubject Name
22ODMCH611Design And Analysis of Algorithms
22ODMCH612Advanced Database Management System
22ODMCT613Advanced Computer Network
22ODMCT614Discrete Mathematical Structures
22ODMCT615Communication Skills
Subject CodeSubject Name
22ODMCH651Advanced Internet Programming
22ODMCT652System Programming & Operating System
22ODMCH653Python Programming
22ODMCT654Parallel And Distributed Computing
22ODMCT655Introduction To Machine Learning
Subject CodeSubject Name
22ODMCH711Web Designing
22ODMCT712Cloud Computing
22ODMCT713Operational Research
22ODMCT714Software Testing & Quality Assurance
22ODMCR715Minor Project
Subject CodeSubject Name
22ODMCH751Web Application Development
22ODMCT752Artificial Intelligence
22ODMCT753Research Methodology
22ODMCR754Major Project

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