Naac A+ Accredited

( Bachelor of Computer Application )

Distance BCA in Chandigarh University


( Bachelor of Computer Application)

Distance BCA in Chandigarh University

Naac A+ Accredited
Naac A+ Accredited
Full Form
Semester Fee
Bachelor Of Computer Application
3 Years
12th Passed
  Full form Bachelor of Computer Application
  Duration 3 Yrs
  Eligibility12th Passed
Semester Fees 12,350 /-

BCA Distance Program In Chandigarh University

The Bachelor of Computer Applications which is approved by UGC BCA Distance Education at Chandigarh University’s University (CU) 3 years and aims to equip students with a strong foundation in computer applications and IT skills necessary for a thriving career in the technology industry. Throughout the duration of this program, students engage with a diverse range of subjects covering essential aspects of computer science, programming languages, database management, software development, web technologies, and networking. The curriculum strikes a balance between theoretical knowledge and hands-on application, ensuring students gain practical experience through projects, internships, and industry-focused training.


Upon completion of the distance  BCA courses possess a robust skill set and a comprehensive understanding of computer applications. They are prepared for various career paths in the IT industry, including roles in software development, database administration, web development, system analysis, and more. Additionally, the program lays a strong foundation for further academic pursuits or professional growth in the field of information technology. Overall, Chandigarh University’s Admission in BCA emphasizes practical learning, academic excellence, and relevance to the industry, providing students with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in the dynamic realm of IT.

Key Highlights of Distance BCA Course  In Chandigarh University

Flexible Learning Mode:

The program offers different ways to learn, so you can manage your studies alongside other things you need to do.

Live+Recorded Session:

You can join live classes or watch recordings later, giving you flexibility in how and when you study.

LMS Portal:

There's a special website where you can do real projects, helping you practise what you've learned in real situations.

Updated Course Curriculum:

The things you'll learn are always being updated to match what's happening in the tech world, making sure you're learning the latest stuff.

Doubt clearing session:

There are special times when you can ask questions about things you're not sure about, making sure you understand everything well.

Write the exam in your chosen language:

You can choose to take tests in the language you're most comfortable with, like English or Hindi.

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View All Semester Wise Subject details BCA Course in Chandigarh University

Bachelor of Computer Application

Subject CodeSubject Name
21ODBCT101Computer Programming
21ODBCT103Communication Skills
21ODBCT104Computer Fundamentals
21ODBCT105Office Automation
Subject CodeSubject Name
21ODBCT151Object-Oriented Programming
21ODBCT152Digital Circuits And Logic Designs
21ODBCT153Internet Computing and Ethics
21ODBCT154Discrete Mathematical Structures
21ODBCT155Principles of Management and Organization Behaviour
Subject CodeSubject Name
21ODBCT201Data Structures
21ODBCT202Database Management System
21ODBCT203Software Engineering
21ODBCT204Probability & Statistics
21ODBCT205System Software & Operating System
Subject CodeSubject Name
21ODBCT251Web Designing
21ODBCT252Business Intelligence
21ODBCT253Computer System Architecture
21ODBCT254Computer Networks
21ODBCT255Web Security
Subject CodeSubject Name
21ODBCT301Internet Programming
21ODBCT302Computer Graphics
21ODBCT304Artificial Intelligence
21ODBCR305Minor Project
Subject CodeSubject Name
21ODBCT351Web Technologies
21ODBCT352Software Testing
21ODBCT353Digital Marketing
21ODBCR354Major Project

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BCA Distance education, open up the gates where students gain the skills they need for a career in the computer application field. They also have access to job opportunities that go beyond classroom walls and can help them build their education and career simultaneously.
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