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NAAC A+ Accredited
Uttaranchal University Online

( Bachelor of Arts)

BA in Uttaranchal University


( Bachelor of Arts)

BA in Uttaranchal University

NAAC A+ Accredited
Uttaranchal University Online
Full Form
Semester Fee
Bachelor of Arts
3 Years
12th Passed
  Full form Bachelor of Arts
  Duration 3 Yrs
  Eligibility12th Passed
Semester Fees 9,500 /-

BA Program In Uttaranchal University

Uttaranchal University Bachelor of Arts (BA) Course Approved by UGC-DEB and it covers various specialized fields career goals. The BA program offers a diverse range of subjects like literature, history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and economics. It helps students understand different societies, cultures, and how the world works. Uttaranchal university BA program unique is that students can choose the subjects they want to study. They can combine different areas like language and communication, politics and international relations, or fine arts and performing BA Arts Courses.

At Uttaranchal University, the online instead of just about learning—it’s about becoming better at thinking, and exploring new ideas. It’s meant to prepare students not just for their jobs but also for a lifetime of learning. By mixing what students learn in class with real-life experiences, the Uttaranchal university BA program teaches valuable skills that are useful in many careers. The university has great teachers and modern facilities that make learning easier and more interesting. In summary, the BA Online Education at Uttaranchal University is more than just a regular education. It’s an opportunity for students to grow their curiosity, widen their views, and prepare for success in the wider world.

Key Highlights of BA Program In Uttaranchal University

Flexible Learning Mode:

This program lets you study in a way that suits your schedule. You can learn online, making it easier to balance your studies with other things you need to do

Live+Recorded Session:

You can join live classes or watch recorded lessons. This helps because you can ask questions in real-time and also go back to anything you find difficult later on.

LMS Portal:

There's a special online place where you can work on real projects. This helps you apply what you're learning to real-life situations

Updated Course Curriculum:

The things you'll learn are always being updated to match what's happening in the working world. This means you're learning things that are really useful and practical.

Doubt clearing session:

There are regular sessions where you can ask about anything you don't understand. Teachers are always there to help make things clearer.

Write the exam in your chosen language:

You can take exams in the language you're most comfortable with, like English or Hindi. This way, language won't be a problem during tests

MCA Specialization offered In Uttaranchal University

View All Semester Wise Subject details BA Courses in Uttaranchal University

Bachelor of Arts

Subject Code Subject Name
101Introduction to Sociology
102Managerial Economics
103Basic Psychology
104English I
105Environmental Science
106Writing Skills
Subject Code Subject Name
107English II
108Social Stratification
109Macro Economics
110Cognitive Psychology
111Communicative English
112Business Statistics
Subject CodeSubejct Name
113Environmental Waste and Disaster Management
114Social Institutions in Sociology
115Physiological Process & Behaviour
116Marketing Management
117Constitution of India
118Basic Research Skills I
Subject CodeSubject Name
119International Economics
120Parliament of India
121Social Movement and Social Change in India
122Fundamentals of Human Behaviour
123Contemporary Politics and Issues of Globalization
124Basic Research Skills II
Subject CodeSubject Name
125Money Banking and Financial Institutions
126Social Problems in India
127Development Economics Skills
Industrial Psychology
Rural Sociology
128Social Psychology
Sociology for Women
Mathematical Methods for Economics
127Public Finance
Subejct CodeSubject Name
128Indian Economy
129Fundamentals of Social Thoughts
130Political theories
Public speaking skills
Health Psychology
131Clinical Psychology
Agricultural Economics
Urban Sociology

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Online BA Course
Online BA Course

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