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Master of Library and Information Science
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Full FormMaster of Library and Information Science
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Semester Fee10,000 – 17,000 INR

What Is Online MLIS?

An online MLIS degree course, or Master of Library and Information Science, is a graduate program tailored for individuals aspiring to advance their careers in library and information science. This program typically spans 1-2 years and offers the flexibility to manage studies alongside personal and professional responsibilities. The curriculum covers various topics such as information organization, library management, digital libraries, information technology, cataloging, archiving, and research methods. This comprehensive approach ensures students gain a solid foundation in traditional and modern aspects of library science.

The course includes virtual lectures, interactive discussions, and project-based learning. These elements combine to provide a robust and dynamic educational experience. Students can engage with their peers and instructors in real time, fostering a collaborative learning environment despite the physical distance. Accredited by UGC-DEB, an online MLIS degree course ensures that graduates are well-prepared for diverse roles in libraries, information centers, archives, and related fields.

Online MLIS Course Overview

An online MLIS degree course is designed to offer advanced knowledge in library science, information management, and digital resources through a virtual learning environment. This degree is perfect for those aiming to enhance their understanding of library and information science without the need to attend physical classes.

The online program covers various subjects, including cataloging and classification, information technology, digital libraries, and information policy. Students can focus on areas that match their career aspirations. With flexible schedules, engaging online sessions, and access to a vast array of digital resources, an online MLIS degree course provides a convenient and thorough path to advanced education in library and information science.

Course NameMaster of Library and Information Science (MLIS)
Course levelPost-Graduate
Program Duration1-2 years
EligibilityPossess a minimum of 50% to 60% marks in your graduation degree from a recognized university
CurriculumThe MLIS curriculum covers advanced studies in information organization and retrieval, cataloging and metadata creation, library administration, information literacy, and information technology.
Learning ModeInteractive learning experiences, recorded video content, doubt-clearing sessions, discussion forums
Study MaterialsText-based online resources, e-libraries, digital resources
AssessmentAcademic work and experiential learning
Fee Structure₹10,000 to ₹17,000 per semester
Accreditation/ApprovalsUGC-DEB, NAAC
FlexibilityPerfect for working professionals and aspiring librarians
Career OpportunityLibrarian, information specialist, archivist, records manager, research analyst, information literacy instructor
Placement Support/Assistance100% placement support/assistance for hiring in libraries

Eligibility Criteria and Duration for MLIS Online Learning

The online MLIS degree course is designed to accommodate a variety of students, including working professionals and recent graduates. Here’s a breakdown of the typical eligibility criteria and course structure:

The eligibility criteria and duration for an MLIS online learning program are designed to accommodate learners from various backgrounds and locations.

Eligibility of MLIS Online Learning

Duration of MLIS Online Learning

An online MLIS degree course offers a flexible and in-depth educational path, equipping students with the specialized skills and knowledge necessary for a successful library and information science career. This adaptable approach makes it an excellent choice for those looking to advance their education while managing other responsibilities.

Advantages of Online MLIS Degree

Online MLIS degree courses provide many advantages, particularly for individuals aiming to enhance their knowledge in library and information science without interrupting their existing schedules or professional commitments. Enrolling in a top online MLIS program in India allows students to reap several benefits while pursuing their postgraduate studies.

Online MLIS courses offer advantages for students, here are some of the most significant ones:-

Self-Paced Learning:The online MLIS degree course offers personalized learning, allowing students to adjust their study schedules at their own pace. This makes it perfect for those who balance work and study.
UGC Entitled Degrees:The UGC approves these online MLIS degrees, ensuring that the qualifications are respected and valued across the country and internationally.
Globally Recognized:Graduates gain internationally recognized qualifications, greatly enhancing their career prospects on a global scale.
LMS Portal:The course features a robust Learning Management System (LMS) platform, providing easy access to course materials, assignments, and assessments, thereby improving the overall learning experience.
Live+Recorded Sessions:The course offers flexibility by combining live and recorded sessions, allowing students to learn at their convenience and revisit challenging topics whenever needed.
Doubt-Clearing Sessions:Regular doubt-clearing sessions are integral to the course. They ensure that students can get their questions answered and develop a thorough understanding of the material.

Why Should You Pursue MLIS from Online Learning Mode in 2024?

The online MLIS degree course, or Master of Library and Information Science, offers numerous compelling reasons and advantages for learners. Enrollments for the upcoming July session are open, and students can take advantage of various benefits. The top universities in India offering online MLIS programs provide up to 100% placement assistance and scholarship opportunities based on the type of course, the university, and the student’s academic performance.

Type of MBA Degree Courses

Distance MBA programs come in various types to suit different needs and preferences. Here are some common types of distance MBA courses:

1. Online MBA

Online MBA programs allow students to study remotely. They include virtual lectures, assignments, and exams, and the duration ranges from 1.5 to 2 years.

2. Distance MBA

MBA Distance Education programs operate both physically and virtually. Students can join classes at their own pace. The duration usually ranges from 2 to 5 years.

3. Hybrid MBA

Hybrid MBA programs blend online learning with physical education. Students can join online+physical classes. The duration ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 years.

4. Part-time MBA

Part-time MBA programs are ideal for working professionals. Classes are scheduled on weekends or evenings. The duration ranges from 2 to 3 years.

5. Executive MBA (EMBA) via Distance Learning

EMBA offers a flexible format, allowing executives to continue working while pursuing their MBA. The duration of this couse ranges from 12 to 18 months.

Top Online MLIS Specializations in 2024

The online MLIS degree course is thoughtfully crafted to meet the growing needs of the global information and library science sectors. It equips graduates with the necessary skills to pursue varied career paths in rapidly expanding fields. Leading libraries, information centers, archives, and data management organizations actively recruit graduates from these programs. 

This underscores the course’s essential and lasting relevance in today’s information-driven world. With a detailed curriculum and flexible learning options, the online MLIS degree course ensures students are well-prepared to succeed in the competitive job market.

Here are top top Online MLIS specializations in 2024:-

Specialization Key Focus Area Potential Career Paths
Digital Libraries and Data Science Digital curation, data analytics, digital preservation Digital Librarian, Data Analyst, Digital Archivist
Archival Studies and Records Management Archival theory, records preservation, metadata standards Archivist, Records Manager, Metadata Specialist
Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence Knowledge sharing, business analytics, strategic planning Knowledge Manager, Business Analyst, Information Strategist
User Experience and Information Architecture User-centered design, usability testing, information design UX Designer, Information Architect, User Experience Researcher
Library Technology and E-Resources Management E-resource management, library technologies, digital tools E-Resources Librarian, Library Technologist, Systems Librarian
Public Librarianship and Community Engagement Public services, community programs, literacy initiatives Public Librarian, Community Engagement Specialist, Outreach Coordinator
Health Informatics and Medical Librarianship Health information management, medical databases, patient education Medical Librarian, Health Informatics Specialist, Patient Education Coordinator
Academic Librarianship and Research Support Research skills, academic publishing, scholarly communication Academic Librarian, Research Support Specialist, Scholarly Communication Librarian

Online MLIS Education Course Syllabus

The subjects in an online MLIS degree course are typically consistent, though differences may be based on the university and the range of elective options. This structure is designed to give students a thorough understanding of library and information science’s theoretical and practical elements. By combining core subjects with electives, the course ensures students develop the essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the dynamic field of library and information science. Online MLIS degree course allows students to tailor their learning to their career goals and interests, preparing them for the challenges of the modern information landscape.

Semester 1 Semester 2
Foundations of Library and Information Science Digital Libraries
Information Organization and Retrieval Information Technology in Libraries
Information Sources and Services Management of Library and Information Centers
Research Methods in Library Science Collection Development and Management
Archival Management Information Literacy and User Education
Information Policy and Ethics Electives (Choose any two)

Specialization and Projects

The online MLIS degree course offers a range of specializations, allowing students to tailor their studies to their career goals and interests. Specializations may include Digital Libraries, Archival Management, Knowledge Management, and Health Information Services. Additionally, the program includes a significant project component. The project work often involves designing and implementing information systems, conducting user studies, or developing innovative services.

How Online MLIS Exams are Conducted?

Online MLIS exams are held on digital platforms, using various technologies to ensure integrity, flexibility, and fairness. These methods ensure that online MLIS degree course exams assess students’ knowledge while offering convenience. Here are some common methods for conducting online MLIS course exams:-

Top 5 Online MLIS Universities in India for July 2024 Admission

Enroll in online MLIS degree courses tailored to meet your educational and professional ambitions. Learn from top universities with flexible learning formats that fit your schedule, and take a big step forward in your career. See how this degree can lead to numerous opportunities in the library and information science sector, boosting your skills and job prospects. Choosing an online MLIS degree course could be the perfect path for you. Here is a selection of the best universities offering reputable MLIS programs online. These universities provide comprehensive knowledge and support, helping you find a program that aligns with your academic goals and career plans.

Some of the best online MLIS universities for 2024 that you must look for are:-

University Fee Location Approvals and Accreditations Download Brochure
Acharya Nagarjuna University 10,675/- Guntur, Andhra Pradesh UGC | NAAC A+
Netaji Subhas Open University 12,500/- Kolkata, West Bengal UGC-DEB | NAAC A
IGNOU 11,000/- New Delhi, Delhi UGC | NAAC A++
University of Madras N/A Chennai, Tamil Nadu UGC-DEB | NAAC A
Karnataka State Open University 17,000/- Mysore, Karnataka UGC | NAAC A+
University Fee Download Brochure Location Approvals and Accreditations
Acharya Nagarjuna University 10,675/- Guntur, Andhra Pradesh UGC | NAAC A+
Netaji Subhas Open University 12,500/- Kolkata, West Bengal UGC-DEB | NAAC A
IGNOU 11,000/- New Delhi, Delhi UGC | NAAC A++
University of Madras N/A Chennai, Tamil Nadu UGC-DEB | NAAC A
Karnataka State Open University 17,000/- Mysore, Karnataka UGC | NAAC A+

Entrance Exams for Online MLIS Programs

While the flexibility of pursuing an online MLIS degree course is appealing, admission to these programs often involves meeting specific entrance requirements, including standardized exams. These entrance exams are integral to the application process, as they help assess a candidate’s aptitude for the program. Understanding the types of exams, their relevance to particular programs, and effective preparation strategies can significantly enhance your chances of securing admission.

Types of Entrance Exams

National and University-Specific Exams:-

National Exams

DUET (Delhi University Entrance Test): Required for programs offered by Delhi University, this exam evaluates candidates’ knowledge in areas such as library and information science, general aptitude, and logical reasoning.

IGNOU Entrance Test: For admission to the online MLIS program at IGNOU, this test assesses applicants’ understanding of library science and information management principles.

University-Specific Exams

Some universities conduct entrance exams to assess the skills and knowledge relevant to their MLIS programs. These exams may focus on library management, information systems, and research methodologies.

Entrance Exam Scores and Waivers

The importance of entrance exam scores can vary. Top-ranked programs might have stricter requirements, while others may consider additional factors like work experience or academic performance. For instance, significant professional experience in the field can sometimes compensate for lower exam scores. Some universities also offer waivers for applicants with exceptional academic records or substantial relevant experience.

Tips for Preparing for Entrance Exams

  • Research Exam Requirements: Understand the specific exams required for your target programs.
  • Start Early: Allocate ample time for study and practice tests. Make a proper schedule and follow the routine rigorously.
  • Utilize Resources: Use official study guides, online prep courses, and practice tests provided by the testing organizations or universities.

Effective preparation is crucial for securing a spot in a reputable online MLIS degree course. Thoroughly understanding the requirements and dedicating time to preparation can significantly boost your chances of success.

Admission Procedure for MLIS Online Universities

Applying to top universities for an online MLIS degree course involves several important steps to ensure a successful application process. Here’s a guide detailing the typical procedures, required documents, and deadlines:-

In India, the admission process in the top universities for online MLIS courses is as follows:-

By following these steps and preparing thoroughly, you can ensure a smooth application process for your online MLIS degree course and set yourself up for success in the library and information science field.

Admission Process (How to Apply?)

01. Submit Form

Fill out and submit your application form online.

02. Expert Counseling

After you will receive a call from our expert counselor.

03. Choose a University

Then select the course according to your interest and eligibility.

04. Online Payment

Then you need to make a smooth & hassle-free online fee submission.

05. Admission Confirmation

You will get an admission confirmation directly from the university.

Top 5 Online MLIS Colleges/Universities' Updated Fees List for 2024

University Name Fees Per Semester
Acharya Nagarjuna University 10,675/-
Netaji Subhas Open University 12,500/-
IGNOU 11,000/-
University of Madras N/A
Karnataka State Open University 17,000/-

Who Can Apply for MLIS Online Learning Courses?

Is Online MLIS Acceptable in the Job Market?

An online MLIS degree course signifies a significant shift in higher education and career development in the modern job market. With the growing demand for flexible learning options, online MLIS programs have become increasingly popular among aspiring library and information science professionals. Several factors contribute to the value of an online MLIS degree in the job market. Accreditation is essential, as employers prefer degrees from accredited universities that meet rigorous academic standards. The reputation of the university offering the course, the qualifications of the faculty, and the program’s rankings also enhance its credibility.

The skills and knowledge gained through hands-on coursework, practical projects, and interactive online discussions prepare graduates to address real-world challenges in library and information science. These programs often cover digital librarianship, information organization, and data management, which are crucial in today’s information-driven world. Moreover, an online MLIS degree course offers the flexibility to balance work, study, and personal commitments, making it an attractive option for working professionals looking to advance their careers. These programs’ comprehensive curriculum and practical experience significantly boost employability, equipping graduates with the expertise to excel in various roles within libraries, archives, and information centers.

Job Opportunities After Online MLIS

Career prospects and job opportunities for graduates of an online MLIS degree course are diverse and widespread, covering sectors such as libraries, information technology, education, and corporate archives. These fields highly value the advanced information management skills and specialized knowledge acquired through the course, offering roles in library management, digital archiving, information consulting, and knowledge organization.

The knowledge gained from an online MLIS degree course prepares individuals to handle the challenges of the modern information landscape, ensuring they can innovate and improve information systems and services.
Here is the updated table showcasing job opportunities for online MLIS degree course graduates at entry, middle, and senior levels, along with salary ranges in Lakh per annum (LPA):

Here are some top job opportunities with high salaries that online MLIS courses open:-

Career Level Job Roles Approximate Salary Range (Annual in INR)
Entry-Level Library Assistant, Digital Asset Management Assistant, Archival Assistant, Information Specialist, Metadata Technician ₹4 LPA to ₹8 LPA
Mid-Level Senior Librarian, Research Analyst, Digital Collections Librarian, Knowledge Manager, Outreach Librarian ₹5 LPA to ₹11 LPA
Senior-Level Library Director, Chief Knowledge Officer, Metadata Librarian, Digital Preservation Specialist ₹8 LPA to ₹23 LPA
online mlis

Top Recruiters Hiring Online MLIS Graduates

Leading universities in India offer their students online MLIS degree courses with placement and career support services. These services encompass expert advice on crafting professional resumes, preparing for interviews, and connecting with potential employers. The main objective is to enhance the employability of graduates and facilitate a seamless transition into their professional lives. Career support services are tailored to meet the unique needs of MLIS students, ensuring they are well-prepared for roles in libraries, information centers, and other related fields. Below is a table highlighting the average salary ranges in Lakh per annum (LPA) for top recruiters hiring graduates from online MLIS degree courses in India.

Here is a list of the top recruiters that value online MLIS and offer jobs:-

Industry Top Recruiters for Online MLIS Graduates Average Salary Packages
Public Libraries The National Library of India, The Delhi Public Library, The Asiatic Society of Mumbai Library, The Central Library & Museum 8 LPA to 12 LPA
Private Libraries Asiatic Society Library, Connemara Public Library, Raza Library 4 LPA to 8 LPA
Educational Institutions Schools, Colleges, Universities, Research Institutions 5 LPA to 10 LPA
Museums and Archives National Museum, Indian Museum, Victoria Memorial Hall, National Gallery of Modern Art 12 LPA to 18 LPA

Distance MBA vs Online MBA

Distance MBA and Online MBA can differ from each other remarkably. In India, there are some Distance universities and colleges that provide distance learning and some online learning. Given that, here is a basic difference between them that you should know:-

Here’s a table outlining the key differences between Distance MBA and Online MBA programs:-
FeatureDistance MBAOnline MBA
Delivery ModePrimarily delivered through printed study materials and occasional online components.Entirely online through live classes, recorded lectures, and interactive sessions.
InteractionInteraction through physical and online portals, LMS, and more.Interaction through live sessions, chat rooms, and video conferences.
FlexibilityStudents can study at their own pace using the online and offline materials.Flexible and convenient in terms of classes and sessions.
MBA CostDistance MBA programs sometimes include on-campus visits, but still it offers a cost-effective learning environment.The entire program is based on online portals, reducing the cost of on-campus visits and other expenses. However, online software subscription may be required.
Admission RequirementsMay have less stringent admission criteria compared to online MBA programs.Often requires more stringent qualifications and may include prerequisites like work experience or GMAT scores.
Accreditation and RecognitionAccredited by relevant educational bodies such as UGC-DEB, AICTE, NAACAccredited and widely recognized by UGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

An online Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree is a graduate-level program designed to prepare students for careers in library and information science. This online program allows students to complete coursework and assignments remotely.

Admission requirements for an online MLIS degree typically include a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, a minimum GPA (often around 3.0), letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and a resume or CV.

Graduates of an online MLIS degree program can pursue various career paths, including roles in public and private libraries, academic universities, government agencies, museums, archives, and information centers. Common job titles include librarian, archivist, information manager, digital librarian, and research analyst.

The duration of an online MLIS degree program can vary depending on the university. Typically, students can complete the program in 1 to 2 years, while

Earning an MLIS degree online offers several benefits, including flexibility in scheduling, balancing work and study, and access to a wide range of resources and networking opportunities. Online programs often provide the same rigorous curriculum as on-campus programs, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education.