Top Distance Colleges in Kerala to pursue BBA degree

Distance Colleges in Kerala to pursue BBA

Having professional managerial skills is paramount to excelling in the business industry and the corporate world. Also, managers are the vital body of a business or organization as they execute important tasks and have to make the right decisions to make a business more successful. 

For students who aspire to make a career in the business world and attain managerial skills, pursuing a BBA degree is a worthwhile option. So, if you are a student willing to opt for a BBA degree program in Kerala, there are a few things you must know before applying for admission. 

Thus, in the below content, you are going to read the essential details about the BBA degree program. In addition, you also know about the best colleges for BBA in Kerala.

About the BBA degree program-

The BBA is a short form for the Bachelor of Business Administration. The BBA is an undergraduate degree program, and the duration of this program is three years. This program gives an introductory understanding of the management world. 

In this program, students get to learn entrepreneurship and leadership skills. Also, the BBA program equips students with skills such as time management, critical thinking, analytical skills, rational skills, communication skills, quick decision making, and other skills to gain full efficiency in the corporate and business world. 

So, some of the subjects in BBA courses are Business Economics, Mathematics for Business, Business Law, Accounting, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Essentials of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Personality Development, International Business Management, Business Organization, and Principles of Management, and some others. 

Eligibility parameter to pursue BBA degree courses-

A 12th-passed student is eligible to apply for the BBA degree program. Students can also gain direct admission to the BBA degree program, with some institutes admitting students based on merit or an entrance exam. So, the eligibility criteria can be a little different from college to college.  

Specializations in the BBA degree course-

The BBA specializations listed below are thought to be good for a successful career in management.

  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • entrepreneurship
  • Aviation
  • Business Analytics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistic Management
  • Finance & Accountancy, and many more. 

Hence, students can select a BBA specialization if they want to attain expertise in any specific field. 

Career opportunities after completing the BBA degree program-

Students can apply for a variety of job profiles after completing their BBA degree program. Hence, some of the career prospects after a BBA degree are-

  • Finance Management
  • Account Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Executive Assistance
  • Travel and Tourism Manager
  • Information System Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Office Executive
  • Research Assistant
  • Sales Executive
  • Research and Development Executive
  • Assistant Manager
  • Business Development Executive, and others.

What are the best colleges of BBA in Kerala?

Kerala University (State University)

Kerala University is in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, and came into existence in 1937. UGC approved institute is accredited with an A grade rating from NAAC. In addition, Kerala University got the 43rd position in the overall ranking by NIRF 2021. Therefore, this university is considered one of the best colleges of BBA in Kerala. 

Moreover, this university is known for offering high-quality BBA degree programs to students at very affordable prices. So, to enroll in the BBA program at Kerala University, students have to have a 12th grade pass from any government recognized board.

Calicut University (State University)

Calicut University was founded in 1986 and is located in Calicut, Kerala. Additionally, this university’s Distance Education has offered various distance programs since 1981. Calicut University has received an A grade rating and is ranked 95th in the overall ranking from NIRF 2021. 

This university offers a distance BBA program to students in specializations such as Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Finance. 12th pass students can apply at this university to pursue a BBA degree course. 

Apart from that, many other UGC-certified colleges in Kerala offer world-class BBA degree courses to students.

Scope of BBA degree courses-

BBA is a prestigious degree program and provides a plethora of employment opportunities for students. Students with a BBA degree can apply for a variety of job profiles in the private sector and the government sector. Thus, students can get jobs in Banking, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Consultancy, finance, Export Companies, Sales sector, Manufacturing, and other fields. 

Furthermore, after completing the BBA course, students can opt for an MBA degree program to get more advanced and profound knowledge of the management field. Subsequently, students can also apply for a doctorate program in the same specialization.

Can I pursue a BBA degree online/distance?

Nowadays online BBA degree programs are becoming popular among students as many UGC institutes are offering this program in online mode. Also, some features of the online mode make it suitable for students or working professionals who cannot pursue their BBA degree in a traditional institute.


There is a huge demand for qualified and professional managers in the business industry. Also, companies are willing to pay huge sums of salaries to the professionals who help them grow their business. So, choosing a career in this field offers you reputable jobs along with a handsome income. 

Hence, students who are looking to pursue BBA courses in Kerala can choose to enroll at any of the best colleges for BBA in Kerala. So, they can have lucrative job opportunities in the field of business management. 

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