MBA in hotel Management

MBA in Hotel Managment in 2024

Here, Distance Learning MBA in Hotel Management is a 2-year course that offers to learn about the overall management and operation of a hotel, resort, or another hospitality firm. So, you get job opportunities to work with top hotels anywhere after the completion of this course.

Also, you get knowledge regarding various hotel operations including foods and beverages, Events and Meetings, Tourism, Accommodation, Entertainment, etc. Additionally, a hotel manager is accountable for managing all hotel operations efficiently.

Moreover, you get to learn about concepts related to Accounting, Business Law, Human Resource Management, Finance Management, and marketing in this course.  

Further, the scope for MBA in Hotel Management 2024 is growing day by day. Again, a postgraduate MBA in Hotel Management has tons of job options. So, Students can seek jobs in various industries such as airline companies, airports, hotels and resorts, educational institutes, cruises.

Eligibility Criteria

Here, anyone who has completed their graduation with a minimum aggregate of 50% and above, is eligible for this post-graduation course. 

So, Distance MBA in HM course is for anyone who aspires to work in the hospitality industry.  Also, you’re eligible if you’re competent in dealing with customers, possess great staff management, and manage other hotel duties.

Any UGC-approved Universities provide distance education in MBA in HM. Always, make sure to research well about the educational institutes you apply for.

Syllabus of Distance MBA Hotel Management Course

Syllabus of Distance Learning MBA in Hotel Management deals with various topics related to Hotel Management. It teaches about the operations a hotel manager fulfils. It is a thorough study of various hotel operations. 

The course structure consists of topics such as

  • Hotel/Tourism
  • Event Management
  • Financial Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Statistic and Research Methodology
  • Tourism Business
  • Human Resource Development
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Hospitality Management
  • Principles of Management
  • Financial Accounting for Hotel and Travel Organizations; and more.

Along with theoretical studies, a practical approach is also applied in this course. There are various ongoing training programs, project work, webinars, viva, workshops, etc provided to the students. The main motive of this course is to train students with abundant knowledge of Hotel/resort operations.

Scope for MBA in Hotel Management 2024

The scope for MBA in Hotel Management 2024 is gradually increasing. A post-graduate in hospitality management is eligible to get many job opportunities across the world. Further, many top organizers and recruiters offer jobs in this field. You can get highly paid jobs after completion of your course. The salary of an MBA in HM ranges from INR 4.5lakhs to 12 lacs per annum. 

Also, you get several job options after post-graduation in the MBA HM course. Distance learning in HM helps you build yourself as an ideal candidate for hospitality firms. Additionally, you are given an exemplary environment to fit in hotel management.

Jobs for MBA in Hotel management fresher’s

There are plenty of Jobs for MBA in Hotel management freshers. You can work as a Hotel Manager, Hospitality Executive, HR Manager, Finance Manager, Entrepreneur, Accounts Manager, Customer Service Professional, Catering Assistant Supervisor, Cabin Crew, Catering Officer. 

Industries such as airline companies, airports, education institutions, cabin crew, catering officers, offer many jobs for MBA in Hotel Management freshers. This course paves the way for your career path in hospitality management. 

Those who like customer service and empathy, fit best into these jobs. As the experience of the candidate increases their salary too gets incremented. Besides, some students do internships at hotels in their last year of studies to garner experience. They are selected as permanent employees for satisfactory work.


MBA in Hotel Management helps you build a successful career in the Hospitality Industry. Along with that, it helps aspiring students to acquire knowledge about the management and operations in a Hotel/resort. Not only that you have many other job options irrespective of hotel management such as catering services, teaching, cabin crew, etc. 

MBA Distance education in Hotel Management helps one to achieve the goals of learning in the comfort of their homes. Further, this course provides online study material to the students. Thus, you’ve got the option of continuing your studies along with your jobs.

This course is for you if you also seek to pursue your career in Hotel Management. It opens a lot of career possibilities for you as well.

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