MBA Distance Education at Mangalayatan University

MBA Distance Education at Mangalayatan University

Mangalayatan University provides a two-year MBA program designed specifically for working professionals who want to boost their careers without leaving their jobs. This program is offered through distance education, allowing students to study while continuing their employment.The MBA curriculum covers essential areas of business management, including marketing, finance, human resources, and operations. The goal is to equip students with practical skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to real-world business scenarios.


This program offers flexibility, allowing students to balance their work and studies effectively. It’s structured to help students enhance their managerial abilities, solve business challenges, and make better decisions in their professional roles. Overall, the distance MBA from Mangalayatan University is tailored for those aiming to improve their career prospects and excel in management without disrupting their current jobs.

Mangalayatan University MBA Distance Education Program

Mangalayatan University MBA Distance Education program stands as a flagship offering that seamlessly blends the flexibility of distance learning with the academic excellence synonymous with the institution. Recognized and accredited, this program is structured to deliver a comprehensive business education while catering to the diverse needs of its students.

MBA Distance Course Specializations at Mangalayatan University

Mangalayatan University offers an MBA Distance Education program with five specialised areas. These focus on different aspects of business management:


Focus Areas


Financial markets, investment strategies, risk management, corporate finance


Market trends, consumer behavior, digital marketing, strategic planning

Human Resource Management

Talent acquisition, organizational behavior, strategic HR planning, employee development

Operations Management

Resource management, supply chain logistics, process optimization, quality management


Opportunity recognition, business planning, innovation, venture financing

Curriculum and Course Structure

The program’s curriculum is thoughtfully designed, encompassing a mix of core subjects and specialised electives. The core subjects lay the groundwork for various facets of business management, while the elective courses empower students to tailor their learning according to their career aspirations and interests. Delivery of content includes online lectures, study materials, interactive sessions, and virtual classrooms, ensuring an all-encompassing and engaging learning experience.

MBA from Mangalayatan University Course Syllabus

MBA courses usually cover a wide range of areas relevant to business administration. Here’s a list of common Syllabus that might be included:




Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Budgeting, Cost Management


Corporate Finance, Investments, Financial Markets, Risk Management, Financial Strategies


Marketing Strategies, Consumer Behavior, Branding, Market Research, Digital Marketing, Marketing Management

Operations Management

Supply Chain Management, Production Planning, Logistics, Quality Management, Process Optimization

Human Resources Management

Employee Relations, Recruitment, Training and Development, Performance Appraisal, HR Strategies

Organisational Behaviour

Individual and Group Behavior, Motivation, Leadership, Team Dynamics, Organisational Culture

Business Ethics

Ethical Frameworks in Business, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical Decision-Making

Strategic Management

Business Strategy Formulation, Competitive Analysis, Strategic Planning, Business Models


Startup Strategies, Venture Capital, Innovation, Business Plan Development, Entrepreneurial Finance

International Business

Global Business Environment, International Trade, Cross-Cultural Management, Global Strategy

Information Technology

Information Systems Management, Technology Innovation, Data Analytics, Technology in Business Strategy


Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Market Structures, Economic Policy, Global Economic Issues

Faculty and Support System

The faculty comprises seasoned professionals committed to guiding and supporting students on their educational journey. In addition to the proficient teaching staff, the university provides a spectrum of support services, including academic counselling, access to online resources, and mentorship programs, fostering a nurturing environment conducive to holistic learning and development.

Admission Process for Distance MBA Course in 2024

Distance MBA program includes meeting the requirements, filling out forms, and providing documents. Some programs might need a test or interview. If you qualify, you pay fees and join the program. It’s important to follow the university’s rules for a smooth process.





Research and Choose

Look into different schools offering distance MBA programs

Check Requirements

Ensure meeting the educational and work experience criteria

Fill Application

Complete the application form with personal and academic details

Submit Documents

Gather and provide necessary documents like transcripts and certificates

Exams (if needed)

Prepare for and take required tests like GMAT or GRE

Pay Application Fee

Submit the application fee as instructed by the institution

Selection Process

Await a review and possible interview or evaluation

Get Accepted

Receive an acceptance letter if selected

Pay Fees and Join

Follow instructions to pay fees and complete enrollment

Start Studying

Access study materials and begin the distance MBA program

Career Opportunities After MBA Graduates from Mangalayatan University

pursuing an MBA from Mangalayatan University can open up various career opportunities across different sectors and industries. Some potential career paths include:


Possible Roles for MBA Graduates

Corporate Management

Business Development Manager, Project Manager, Operations Manager

Finance and Banking

Financial Analyst, Investment Banker, Financial Consultant

Marketing and Sales

Advertising Manager, Brand Manager, Sales Manager


Advisor, Strategy Consultant, Operations Consultant


Business Owner, Venture Manager

Human Resources

HR Manager, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Organizational Development Manager

Supply Chain Management

Logistics Manager, Procurement Specialist, Supply Chain Analyst

Healthcare Management

Healthcare Facility Manager, Healthcare Services Manager

IT Management

IT Manager, Technology Operations Manager

International Business

Global Trade Specialist, Business Development Manager, International Marketer


Deciding to pursue an MBA distance education at Mangalayatan University offers more than just business knowledge. It’s a chance to develop leadership skills, preparing individuals for success in today’s dynamic corporate landscape. The program provides top-notch education and flexibility, allowing ambitious individuals to advance their careers without sacrificing current commitments. Beyond earning a degree, this experience shapes individuals into competent professionals. With its quality education, flexibility, and promising career opportunities, it’s a smart choice for those aiming to thrive in the global business arena.

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