MA Degree Course at Sikkim Manipal University

MA Degree Course at Sikkim Manipal University

Sikkim Manipal University offers Master of Arts degrees in English, Political Science, and Sociology, both on-campus and online. On-campus programs blend core and elective courses, dissertations, and expert faculty in a 2-year, 4-semester format. Online programs offer similar curriculum and flexibility. Admission requires a bachelor’s degree, good standing, and possible entrance exams. Tuition varies for on-campus programs, while online fees are fixed. Scholarships are available. Graduates find careers in various fields like education, government, research, and the private sector. SMU’s MA programs offer high-quality education, experienced faculty, flexible options, affordability, and strong career prospects. Visit their website for more details.

Curriculum and Course Structure

Sikkim Manipal University offers a variety of MA (Master of Arts) degree programs across different disciplines. The curriculum and course structure can vary based on the specific MA program you choose to pursue at the university. However, here’s a general overview of how MA degree course are often structured at Sikkim Manipal University:

Program Component


Core Courses

Foundational classes providing fundamental knowledge in the field

Elective Courses

Optional courses allowing specialization based on student interests


Opportunities for focused study in specific areas within the field


Independent research project or thesis requirement for degree completion


Optional practical experiences related to the field of study

Seminars and Workshops

Events providing exposure to industry trends and networking opportunities


Assessment methods including exams, assignments, projects, and oral exams


Typically spans 2 to 3 years depending on the specific program

MA from Sikkim Manipal University Course Syllabus





Drama – I


Poetry – I


Fiction – I


Literary Theory and Criticism – I

2 Semester



Drama – II


Poetry – II


Fiction – II


Literary Theory and Criticism – II

4 Semester



American Literature


Indian English Literature


Choose Any Two Courses:


Literature and Environment


Introduction to Cinema Studies


Commonwealth Literature

4 Semester



Gender Studies in Literature




Choose Any Two Courses:


Postcolonial Literature


Evolution of Theatre


– World Literature

Faculty and Support System

The MA programs at Sikkim Manipal University have teachers who know a lot about their subjects. They help students learn by giving guidance, teaching in classes, and sharing their knowledge.

The university also has a strong support system for MA students. There are people who advise students on their courses, provide counselling if they need help with personal or academic issues, offer access to libraries and online learning tools, and assist with administrative tasks.

Both the teachers and the support system work together to create a helpful environment for students studying for their MA degrees at Sikkim Manipal University. They aim to make sure students have the guidance and resources they need to do well in their studies.

Admission Process for Degree MA Course in 2024

the admission process for the MA course at Sikkim Manipal University in 2024. Prospective applicants should adhere to these steps and stay updated with the university’s official communication channels for any changes or specific instructions related to the admission process.




Check Requirements

Review the eligibility criteria and ensure you meet the necessary qualifications.

Get Application Forms

Obtain the application forms either from the university’s website or designated channels.

Gather Needed Documents

Collect required documents such as educational transcripts, identification proof, etc.

Fill Out & Submit Applications

Complete the application form accurately and submit it along with the necessary documents.

Prepare for Entrance Exams

If applicable, prepare for and take the entrance exams specified by the university.

Ready for Interviews or Essays

Be prepared for interviews or essay assessments as part of the selection process, if required.

Pay Any Application Fees

Pay the requisite application fees as specified by the university.

Wait for Admission Decisions

Await notification or a decision regarding your admission status from the university.

Accept & Enroll

Upon receiving an admission offer, accept it and complete the enrollment process.

Career Opportunities After MA Graduates from Sikkim Manipal University

Sikkim Manipal University’s MA graduates have various job options available to them. The specific careers depend on what they studied. Here are some options:

Career Path


Education and Academia

Teaching roles in schools, colleges, or universities; opportunities in research and academic positions.

Public Sector Jobs

Government roles related to policy analysis, administration, social services, and public relations.

Private Sector

Employment in businesses requiring expertise in communication, psychology, economics, HR, marketing, etc.

Nonprofit and NGOs

Roles in organisations focused on social work, community development, advocacy, and humanitarian causes.

Media and Communication

Opportunities in media houses, publishing firms, advertising agencies, and public relations companies.

Creative Industries

Careers in writing, editing, publishing, and content creation for those with degrees in arts or literature.

Counselling and Social Services

Jobs in hospitals, clinics, or private practices as counsellors, therapists, or social workers.

Research and Analysis

Positions in research institutions, think tanks, and market research firms as analysts or researchers.


Starting their own businesses leveraging their skills and knowledge gained during their studies.


MA degree course at Sikkim Manipal University signifies the end of a thorough academic journey. It involves finishing all the required classes, projects, exams, and, if needed, a dissertation or thesis. To graduate, students need to meet credit requirements and pass all their subjects.


Throughout the program, students explore their chosen field, improving their thinking, research, and analytical skills. The final project, whether a thesis or dissertation, demonstrates their expertise in the subject. When students successfully finish these academic milestones, Sikkim Manipal University grants them the MA degree, recognizing their hard work and knowledge.


With this respected qualification, graduates can explore various career paths or decide to pursue further education. The MA degree not only marks the end of their educational journey but also opens doors to new opportunities for personal development, career growth, and contributions to their fields

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