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Interior Designing as a Career | Interior Designing Online Course 2024-24

You may have seen many fancy hotels, buildings, houses, and other architectural structures and become awestruck by their interior decoration and configuration. This work is done by interior design professionals. Interior design is an interesting field and It’s a good decision to choose Interior Designing as a Career for creative people.

So, if you like to design and decorate places using your creativity and vision, you can have a worthwhile career in the field of interior design. 

Therefore, the following article contains all the vital information about interior designer courses and what the career prospects are in this field.

What Is an Interior Designer?

An interior designer is a professional that gives a makeover to places such as offices, houses, cafes, malls, and others. The interior designers use their fantasy and creativity to design the places. 

To become a professional interior designer, some skills are required, such as creativity, sketching, fundamentals of design, AutoCAD, 3D drawing, etc. Therefore, to acquire these skills and make a career, students can pursue various types of interior design courses.

What are the Courses In Interior Designing?

Students can pursue integration and postgraduate degrees in interior design. They can also attain various diplomas and certificates in interior design.

Therefore, below are listed the courses students can enrol in for interior design.

Undergraduate Courses In Interior Designing

Bachelor of Interior Design(BID), BA Interior Design Courses, B.Sc in interior design, BDes Interior Design, BArch in interior design, BSc Interior Design Courses, and BArch Interior Design Courses.

Postgraduate Courses In Interior Designing

MSc Interior Design Courses, MA Interior Design Courses, MBA in Interior Design, M.Sc in Interior Design, and others.

Apart from that, there are many diplomas and certificates such as the Diploma in Interior Design, the PG Diploma in Interior Design, certificate courses in interior design, certificate courses in architecture, etc.

What are the Online Courses In Interior Designing?

There are many institutes that offer online courses in interior design. So, students can pursue several  Interior designing online courses to gain a fundamental understanding of interior designing.

Some of the online courses in interior design are as follows:

  • Interior Design Basics
  • Principles of Design
  • How to use colour like a pro
  • Home Decor Class
  • Design is in the Details, amongst others.

What are the Subjects In the Curriculum for the Interior Design Course?

The subjects of the interior design courses vary as per the courses students pursue. However, below are listed some core subjects of interior design:

  • Principles of Interior Design Courses
  • Architect Illustration and Drawing
  • Furniture Design and Spaces
  • History of Interior design Courses
  • Arts and Graphics
  • Decor and Planning
  • 3D Visualizations
  • Colours and Visualization
  • AutoCAD
  • Photography. etc.

What is the Duration and Eligibility for Interior Designing Courses?

Some of the online interior designing courses are a few hours long. However, if you pursue graduate or postgraduate courses, it can take 3 years and 2 years respectively. Additionally, the duration of the diploma and certificate is between 6 months and 1 year. However, some certificates or diplomas can take 2 years to complete.

Furthermore, the eligibility criteria of interior designing courses vary according to the degree students opt for. Therefore, below are mentioned the eligibility criteria to pursue interior designing courses:

  • To pursue undergraduate courses, students have to complete their 10+2 in any discipline at any government-recognized university. 
  • To be eligible to enrol in postgraduate degree programs, students have to complete their bachelor’s degree with at least a 50-55% average from any UGC-approved college.

Apart from that, there are some certificates and diplomas in interior design that students can obtain after 10 or 12th grade.

What is the Admission Process for Enrolling In Interior Designing Courses?

Students can opt for interior designing courses according to their latest qualifications. There are many private and government colleges/institutes where you can pursue degree/diploma/certificate courses. Therefore, students can apply to any UGC-accredited college to get admission. 

Additionally, there are many institutes that offer interior designing online courses in interior designing. Therefore, students can compete in many diplomae and certificate courses in an online mode too. 

What are the Job Opportunities In Interior Design?

Interior design has always provided plenty of job opportunities in this field. And in recent years, the job prospects in this field have been manifold. 

Therefore, candidates can apply for plenty of job opportunities, such as:

  • Interior Decorator
  • Industrial Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Production Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Spatial Designer
  • Bedroom Designer
  • Set Designer, and several others.

Additionally, interior design professionals have a plethora of job opportunities in government. Besides that, students interested in higher studies can enrol in doctorate degree courses in this field.

What are the Benefits of Interior Designing as a Career?

Interior design is a repetitive and prestigious career. And, there are many advantages to choosing Interior designing as a career. Thus, some of the positive aspects of the interior design field are:

  • There is a high demand for interior designers. Therefore, this field offers many job opportunities.
  • In these fields, candidates get interesting job profiles that need creativity and imagination.
  • You always get to work on projects that are different from the previous projects. Therefore, there are fewer chances of getting bored while working.
  • Interior designers get the flexibility to work from home, and they can also start their own interior designing companies.


The interior designing course imparts students with proficiency and skillfulness such as sketching, drawing, communication skills, teamwork management, design, Microsoft Office, analytical drawing, and other skill sets to become professionals in the field. 

Also, there are various kinds of degrees, diplomas,s and certification courses in interior designing that students can pursue as per their qualifications. Some of the bachelor’s and master’s courses in interior design include courses such as BA in interior design, B.Sc in interior design, Bachelor of Interior Design, MA in interior design, MBA in Interior Design, amongst others.

The job opportunities in the field of interior design are huge. So, Interior designing as a career can be a worthwhile decision. Therefore, to pursue these courses online, students can enrol at UGC-DEB-recognized colleges. Also, students can apply at any private or government institute to compete for diplomas and certificates in interior design. Additionally, there are many interior designing online courses that students can take online for free.

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