Five Simple Steps for Choosing the Right University

Five simple steps for choosing the right University

Well, if you’re planning to get married, we can’t be of any help, but if you’replanning higher studies, you’re at the right place. University life is exciting, but deciding on the starting point can be difficult. We understand, with so many universities available, that you can be spoilt for choice. However, we have compiled a step by step method which will assist you in choosing the right University.

Course content

The first thing to consider while choosing a University is the course content- What is the course you are considering and the areas of the subject in focus. Usually, there are variations across Universities concerning matters, course content etc. Refer to the previous year’s curriculum to conclude.

Consider the location

Once you have decided on the course content, start searching for the Universities offering that course. From the handful of Universities offering the selected route, the next step is to consider the location of the University. It may sound vague, but location can play a crucial role. Once you enrol, you will have to stick to it at least for some years. So its important to consider whether the location of the University is where you want to live or ready to commute every day.

Entry requirements and placements opportunities

Everyone wants to study from the best University, but not everybody gets it. Most Universities has entry grades requirements, cut off marks, entrance exams etc. Make sure you meet the entry requirements before making a decision. To be on the safer side, It is
recommended to consider at least 2-3 Universities at a time. Also, evaluate the Universities previous year’s record in terms of placements—research about the companies which generally offered placements from that University, pay package provided etc.

Cost and Support

Education is expensive. One of the most crucial factors which has to be considered while choosing a University is the cost of the selected course. If you decide to study in your home city or home country, the total cost is expected to be less. However, if you choose to go abroad for higher education, the tuition fees along with the cost of living is expected to increase. Speak with the officers in charge to get a clear picture in terms of the

Total cost involved. Also, enquire about scholarship programs, a portion of fees covered in scholarship programs and other financial aids available. Also, check out the support available to students. Even if you don’t need it, it is always beneficial to be aware of the support that is available to you as a student. Check out for the student’s union or association, are there any facility for mental health support etc. If you’re considering to study abroad, to enquire about the support system is of utmost importance. We often hear stories of students becoming the victim of racism etc. So make sure you for the

necessary support system.


Other facilities at the University

The University life is not just about academics. If you are interested in sports or other extracurricular activities like art, dance etc, speak with the person in charge and the existing students of the University to enquire about the prospect of the University concerning extracurricular activities. Also, watch out for other facilities offered by the University such as Library, cleanliness, cafeteria etc. Once enrolled, you will spend a lot of time on the campus, so make sure you like the environment. Lastly, if you are planning a visit, check out for any appointment requirements. All the best in figuring the best suited University for you or your love one.

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