Distance MCom Course at UGC-Approved Subharti University

Distance MCom Course at UGC-Approved Subharti University

Distance MCom Course at Subharti University, which is approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC), offers a flexible and convenient option for individuals pursuing a Master of Commerce degree. This program allows students to study at their own pace through distance learning, making it easier to balance with other commitments. The curriculum covers important subjects in commerce, finance, and business, providing a well-rounded education that meets industry standards. With UGC approval, students can trust the legitimacy and quality of the program, ensuring that their academic achievements are recognized and respected. Overall, the Online Distance MCom Course at Subharti University is a practical choice for professionals and learners looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in commerce.

Distance MCom Course at UGC-Approved Subharti University Program

Subharti University, a highly regarded private university in Meerut, India, offers a Master of Commerce (M.Com) degree program through its Directorate of Distance Education (DDE). This program is designed for working professionals and others seeking to advance their careers in commerce, business, and finance without attending full-time classes.

Key points about the program:





Ensures quality education recognized by employers and other universities.

Flexible learning

Study at your own pace and convenience through online resources and study materials.

Detail curriculum

Covers key areas like accounting, finance, business management, economics, and more.

Experienced faculty

Dedicated and qualified instructors provide guidance and support.


Choose from various specialisations to tailor your studies to your interests and career goals (fees may vary).

Admission criteria

Bachelor’s degree in commerce or related field with minimum 50% marks.

MCom from Subharti University Course Syllabus



Subject Code

Subject Name

1st Semester


Organization Theory and Behavior



Statistical Analysis



Economic Analysis



Accounting Theory and Practice

2nd Semester


Financial Management And Policy



Business Environment



Quantitative Techniques & Business Decision Making



Marketing Management

3rd Semester


Strategic Management



Research Methodology



Management of financial institutions and services



Corporate Laws

4th Semester


International Business



Human Resource Management



Security Analysis and Portfolio Management



Banking Products and Services



Research Project

Faculty and Support System

Subharti University online distance MCom course boasts a strong faculty and support system to guide you through your studies. Here’s a breakdown:





Experienced teachers with advanced degrees * Practical industry insights from diverse commerce expertise * Guest speakers enriching the learning experience

Support System:

Dedicated online portal for course materials and communication with teachers Virtual classroom with video lectures and interactive resources (LMS) * Mentorship, academic advisors, and a well-stocked library

Online Interaction

Easy connection with teachers and staff through email, phone, or online chat Strong student community fostering through forums and events * Continuous program updates for relevance and meeting student needs


Flexible, quality education with dedicated support for a fulfilling online MCom experience

Admission Process for Distance MCom Course in 2024






Choose a University

Subharti universitiy offering Distance M.Com

Research online, attend education fairs

Consider accreditation, ranking, specialisation

Check Eligibility

Review admission requirements

Visit college website, contact admissions office

Ensure you meet GPA/percentage benchmarks


Obtain application form

Download from website, request physical copy

Choose appropriate specialisation if offered

Fill Application

Complete the form accurately

Double-check information, avoid errors

Proofread before submitting


Prepare required documents

Scan certificates, transcripts, ID proofs

Organise documents beforehand

Fee Payment

Pay application fee online or at designated bank

Check payment instructions, deadline

Secure receipts for future reference


Submit completed form, documents, and fee proof

Meet official deadline, follow submission guidelines

Track submission confirmation


Attend entrance tests or interviews if required

Prepare for test format, practice interview skills

Arrive early, dress professionally


College releases merit list based on academics and tests/interview

View merit list online, check selection status

Contact admissions office for clarification


Follow instructions to confirm admission and pay fees

Submit required documents, finalize fee payment

Secure admission confirmation receipt

Study Material

College provides study materials and information

Access learning platform, attend orientation sessions

Contact faculty for assistance if needed

Career Opportunities After Distance MCom Course From Subharti University

Completing a Distance MCom (Master of Commerce) course from Subharti University can open up various career opportunities in the field of commerce, finance, and related areas. Here are some potential career paths you can consider:




Accounting and Auditing

Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Manage financial records, perform audits, prepare reports, and ensure compliance with financial regulations.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analyst

Analyse financial data, prepare reports, and provide insights to inform business decisions, investment strategies, and financial performance.

Banking and Finance

Bank Manager, Financial Advisor, Investment Analyst

Manage bank operations, provide financial advice and products to clients, and analyse financial markets for investment opportunities.

Teaching and Research

Lecturer, Researcher

Teach commerce and related subjects at universities and colleges, conduct research, and publish findings.

Corporate Finance

Financial Manager, Treasury Manager, Corporate Controller

Manage financial activities within organisations, including budgeting, cash flow, risk management, and financial reporting.

Taxation Consultant

Tax Consultant

Provide tax advice and planning services to individuals and businesses, helping them comply with tax regulations and minimise tax liabilities.

Management Consulting

Management Consultant

Advise organisations on financial strategies, cost optimization, organisational structure, and overall business improvement.


Founder, Business Owner

Start and manage your own business, applying financial expertise to secure funding, manage finances, and achieve business goals.

Government Jobs

Auditor, Budget Analyst, Financial Planner

Work in government agencies related to finance and commerce, performing audits, developing budget plans, and managing financial resources.

Insurance and Risk Management

Risk Analyst, Underwriter

Assess and manage financial risks for clients in insurance companies or risk management firms.


Subharti University’s Online Distance MCom Course offers a flexible and affordable Master of Commerce degree recognized by the UGC. Learn from anywhere with an internet connection, gain valuable skills, and advance your career in fields like accounting, finance, and business. Enroll today and unlock your full potential!

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