Distance MA Course at UGC-Approved Subharti University

Distance MA Course at UGC-Approved Subharti University

UGC-Approved Subharti University offers an Online Distance MA Course, providing a flexible and accessible option for students pursuing a Master’s degree. The program is accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC), ensuring its recognition and quality. Tailored for working professionals and those with time constraints, the online format allows students to study at their own pace from any location. Covering various disciplines, the MA Course delivers a comprehensive education in line with UGC standards. Subharti University’s initiative aims to enhance inclusivity and convenience in higher education, enabling individuals to achieve their academic and professional goals

Distance MA Course at UGC-Approved Subharti University Program

The user is interested in learning more about online distance MA courses at UGC-approved Subharti University, but needs more information before making a decision. To provide the most helpful response, additional details are needed, such as the specific MA program desired, career goals, budget, and any specific questions about the program. Resources provided include Subharti University’s Distance Education website, UGC’ Distance Education Bureau website, and a list of UGC-approved online distance MA programs in India.

Subharti University Distance MA Course Popular Specializations in 2024




Potential Careers


Study of the Hindi language, literature, and linguistics. Enhances proficiency in Hindi and understanding of its cultural and literary aspects.

Teacher, Content Writer, Translator, Journalist


In-depth analysis of English language, literature, and linguistics. Develops communication and analytical skills in English.

Writer, Editor, Teacher, Content Developer


Exploration of historical events, periods, and cultures. Focuses on research, critical analysis, and interpretation of historical data.

Historian, Archivist, Museum Curator, Researcher


Examines educational theories, practices, and policies. Prepares individuals for roles in teaching, administration, and educational research.

Teacher, Educational Consultant, Administrator


Study of society, human behaviour, and social institutions. Analyses social patterns, structures, and relationships.

Sociologist, Social Worker, Researcher, Policy Analyst

Public Administration

Focuses on governance, public policy, and administration. Prepares individuals for roles in government, public service, and nonprofit sectors.

Public Administrator, Policy Analyst, Government Officer

Political Science

Analyses political systems, government structures, and political behaviour. Explores political theory, international relations, and policy.

Political Scientist, Policy Analyst, Diplomat

MA from Subharti University Course Syllabus

1st Semester

Subject Code

Subject Name



Hindi Sahitya ka Itihas



Prachin Evam Purv Madhyakalin Kavya



Uttar Madhyakalin Kavya



Bhasha Vigyan aur Hindi Bhasha Ki Prangita



Hindi Upnyas Premchand par vishesh adhyan



Chhayavad evam Pragativad



Hindi Alochna



Bhartiya Kavya Shastra Ke Sidhant

3rd Semester


Natak Evam Rangmanch



Hindi Nibandh Evam Anya Gadhya Vidhyain



Prayojan Mulak Hindi

4rd Semester


Pryogvad Evam Nai Kavita



Bhartiya Evam Paschatya Kavya Shashtra Ke Sidhant






Katha Sahitya



Laghu Udyog Prabandh

Faculty and Support System







• Experienced and qualified teachers in relevant fields.


Subject Experts:

• Faculty members with expertise in specific subject areas.


Course Developers:

• Professionals who design and develop engaging and effective online courses.



• Teachers who guide students through the program, offering academic and career advice.

Support System

Academic Support:

Tutoring Services: Online tutoring or support services for course content.


Discussion Forums

Virtual forums for interaction with peers and teachers.


Online Libraries/Resources

Access to digital libraries, research databases, and other online resources.

Technical Support:

Helpdesk/IT Support

Assistance for technical issues with the online platform.


Orientation Sessions

Introduction sessions to the platform and tools.

Administrative Support:

Admissions and Registration Support

Assistance with admissions, enrollment, and registration.


Student Services

Support for administrative processes like transcripts, certification, and graduation requirements.

Communication Channels:

Email Communication

Regular communication for announcements, updates, and important information.


Virtual Office Hours

Scheduled times for one-on-one discussions with teachers.

Admission Process for Distance MA Course in 2024





Check Eligibility

Bachelor’s degree with 50% marks (varies by course) – No entrance exam required

Visit official website for specific program details

Apply Online

Fill application form, upload documents – Pay application fee (INR 200)

Debit/credit card or UPI accepted

Merit List and Selection

University prepares merit list based on qualifying marks – Shortlisted candidates notified via email/SMS

Monitor email and check website for updates

Document Verification

Submit original documents for verification – Pay admission fee and other charges

Contact university for verification centres

Enrollment and Course Access

Receive confirmation and login credentials – Access online learning platform and study materials – Start studies as per academic calendar

Refer to course materials and website for schedule

Career Opportunities After Distance MA Course From Subharti University

Career opportunities after completing a Distance MA course from Subharti University, like any other university, depend on the specialisation you choose within the MA program. The specific field of study can significantly influence the career paths available to you. Here are some general possibilities:




Teaching and Education

School Teacher, College Lecturer, Education Administrator, Distance Education Teacher, Teacher Trainer

Share your knowledge and expertise by teaching at various educational institutions.


Academic Researcher, Private Research Analyst, Data Analyst

Conduct independent or collaborative research in academic or private institutions.

Government Jobs

Public Administrator, Policy Analyst, Research Officer

Utilise your analytical skills in government agencies focused on public policy and research.

NGOs and Non-Profits

Program Manager, Research Associate, Advocacy Specialist

Contribute to social good by working with organisations in development, social justice, and humanitarian fields.

Corporate Sector

Management Consultant, HR Specialist, Corporate Trainer

Apply your specialised knowledge in business-related areas like management, human resources, and communication.

Media and Communication

Journalist, Editor, Public Relations Specialist, Digital Media Strategist

Leverage your communication skills in media houses, publishing, PR firms, or digital media companies.

Creative Industries

Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer, Artist

Pursue your creative passion in writing, editing, design, or other creative fields.

Freelancing and Consulting

Subject Matter Expert, Project Consultant, Online Tutor

Offer your expertise on a project basis or provide online tutoring services.

Further Studies

Ph.D. Student, Postdoctoral Researcher

Continue your academic journey by pursuing a doctorate or postdoctoral research.


In conclusion, if you’re thinking about taking an online MA course at Subharti University, make sure the program is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India. Check the UGC approval on their official website or contact Subharti University directly. Get the latest and accurate information to make an informed decision about your education.

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