BA Degree Course at Sikkim Manipal University

BA Degree Course at Sikkim Manipal University

Sikkim Manipal University offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs covering subjects like English, economics, history, psychology, sociology, and more. These courses take 3 years and focus on both theory and practical learning. Educated by experienced teachers, these programs encourage discussions, projects, and hands-on work. Alongside the main subjects, students can explore areas like literature, anthropology, philosophy, geography, and cultural studies, depending on their interests.


The university emphasises overall growth, providing activities outside of classes like internships, workshops, and exposure to different industries. Graduates not only gain knowledge but also practical skills, ready for jobs or further studies. Sikkim Manipal University’s goal is to prepare well-rounded graduates for success in their chosen fields by offering a wide range of subjects and practical experiences.

Curriculum and Course Structure

Sikkim Manipal University offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs covering subjects such as English, economics, history, psychology, and sociology. These three-year courses are divided into semesters and focus on a mix of theoretical and practical learning.





Program Duration

The BA programs at Sikkim Manipal University take 3 years. This time helps students really get into their subjects and learn a lot.


The courses are split into semesters, making it easier to manage and learn different subjects.


Students study subjects like English, economics, history, psychology, and sociology. They can also pick other subjects like literature, anthropology, philosophy, geography, or cultural studies.


Students have the freedom to choose elective courses from various subjects. This lets them explore different areas and personalize their education.

Learning Style

The BA programs use discussions, projects, and hands-on work to teach theory and practical skills together.


Students can do internships, workshops, and talk to people in different industries. This helps them learn about real-life work situations.

Future Ready

Graduates not only learn academics but also gain skills for jobs or more studies.

BA from Sikkim Manipal University Course Syllabus


1st Semester



Indian English Literature


Communicative English


Foundation of Political Science


Introduction of Sociology


Natural Science


2nd Semester



World Literature


Functional English


Political Theory


Sociology in India


Environmental Science


3rd Semester



Essay with Poetry


Comparative Political Analysis


Academic Writing


Rural Sociology


Digital Fluency


4rd Semester



New Literature in English


Literary Terms, Forms, and Movements


Women Writing in English


Classical Indian Political Thought


Urban Sociology


5th Semester



Victorian and Modern Literature


Poetry: Evolution, Elements and Genres


Children’s Literature


Human Rights


Social Problems in India



6th Semester



American Literature


Comparative Literature


Novels and Short Stories


United Nations and Global Conflicts


Sociology of Change and Development

Faculty and Support System

Sikkim Manipal University offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree course covering subjects like English, history, sociology, political science, and economics. The program emphasises a well-rounded education and provides a support system comprising experienced faculty, counselling services, academic resources, and technology support. The aim is to equip students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, fostering critical thinking and holistic development for their chosen careers or further studies

Admission Process for Degree BA Course in 2024




Check Requirements

See what the colleges need from you, like finishing high school or something similar.

Get Application Forms

Get the forms you need to apply from the college’s website or their office.

Gather Needed Documents

Collect papers like your high school records, certificates, IDs, and any letters they want you to have.

Fill Out & Submit Applications

Complete the forms with your details and give them the documents they asked for.

Prepare for Entrance Exams

If they ask you to take a test, get ready by studying and practicing the stuff they tell you about.

Ready for Interviews or Essays

Be prepared to talk to them or write about yourself if they ask for it.

Pay Any Application Fees

Some colleges ask for money when you apply. If they do, make sure to pay them what they’re asking for.

Wait for Admission Decisions

Once you apply, you’ll have to wait a bit for them to decide if they want you.

10. Accept & Enroll

If they say yes, follow their instructions to join and start your BA program.

Career Opportunities After BA Graduates from Sikkim Manipal University

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from Sikkim Manipal University, there are various career opportunities across different sectors that you can explore. Some potential career paths for BA graduates include:

Career Path


Government Jobs

Administrative roles, civil services, and positions in government agencies


Opportunities as a teacher, counselor, or in educational administration

Media and Communication

Careers in journalism, advertising, public relations, or content creation

Business Roles

Entry-level positions in marketing, HR, customer service, or administration

Social Work or Nonprofits

Working in NGOs or social service organizations to contribute to society

Research and Analysis

Roles as research assistants, data analysts, or market researchers

Creative Industries

Writing, graphic design, filmmaking, or other creative fields


Starting your own business based on innovative ideas and skills

Further Education

Pursuing a Master’s degree or specialised certifications for career advancement


The BA Degree Course at Sikkim Manipal University is really amazing. It’s not just about studying; it’s about growing in every way possible and becoming a leader. This course opens up a whole lot of chances for students to succeed in whatever they want to do.

At Sikkim Manipal University, students don’t just learn from books; they learn how to think smart and do things in the real world. They become really good at not just their subjects but also at being creative and solving problems.this course isn’t just a Degree . It’s like a big door that opens to a world full of opportunities. It helps students make their dreams come true and become the kind of people who can make a real difference.

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