5 Most Popular Distance Learning Courses after 12th

5 most popular Distance Learning Courses after 12th

Education has seen a paradigm shift. The way we learn has gone farthest from the traditional schooling with the advent and spread of internet. distance education courses after 12th  erase boundaries and makes life easier for a lot of students who either work, or can not travel to institutes to pursue their education, do so from the comfort of their homes. While a plethora of options are available for Post Graduate Distance Learning Programmes, Under graduate courses are becoming popular too.

Here are few of the best, most relevant distance learning correspondence courses you can pursue after your 12th.

All these courses mentioned require a 10+2 :

BBA is a degree programme which has garnered popularity over the past few years. The bachelor of business administration teaches the nuances of business. A BBA degree can enable any graduate to join in as a young manager at entry level.

Learning from home, students could also work on their own aspirations while earning a degree which teaches practicality and nuances of management and business administration.

A BBA in online mode is generally a 3-year full time or 4-year part time course, of 6 semesters. The course includes fundamentals of accounting, marketing, managerial skills along with practical projects and more subjects essential to learn business administration.

2.Professional degree or diploma in digital marketing

The world of advertising and marketing has seen a massive change due to the humongous reach of the internet. More business now have websites and not shops. Therefore, digital marketing is one of the most sought-after skill today. It is expected to generate more than 2 million jobs by 2021!
Private institutes offer certificate courses in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Some institutes also offer Diploma Courses of about 11 months. Certified digital marketers can work for organisations or even freelance. This is a great distance courses after 12th 


3.Professional courses in Web Designing

With most business activities being available online, the requirement for web designing professionals has increased and so have the number of courses. Web designing courses teach numerous systems and elements that go into constructing and maintain a site online. They include learning coding languages such as JavaScript, HTML PHP, etc.
Web Designing courses in the distance learning mode generally last a year, or even 4 months. Numerous private institutes offer courses in various formats like Diploma or even certificate courses in Web Designing, depending on the depth of knowledge they offer. Web Designers can join organisations or even freelance.

4.VFX and Animations

 With the boom in technology, and the ever-increasing popularity of multimedia, VFX and animation courses are very relevant and indeed extremely popular. Animations refer to computer generated graphic illusions and can be 2D or 3D. CGI technology is taught in these courses which enable you to churn put graphic animations for websites, social media, television series, etc.

Various forms of distance learning courses are offered for VFX and animations. Short term certificate courses of a few months like Certificate in VFX or Certificate in 2D or 3D animations. They are specific but not as detailed.

Diploma courses like Diploma in CG Animation, Diploma in 3D Animation generally last for 1 year.
Some institutes also offer Bachelor’s degrees in Animation and VFX, like BA in Animation and Multimedia. These courses are in depth with a lot of practical exposure as well and last for 3 years usually.

5. Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Search into the difficulties of computer applications with a BCA degree. This comprehensive program equips you with programming skills, software development expertise, and a strong foundation in computer science concepts, making you a sought-after IT professional.

6. Embrace the Flexibility of Distance Learning

Distance learning offers the freedom to adjust your education around your schedule and commitments. With these popular courses, you can top the way for a complete in career while enjoying the flexibility and convenience of remote learning.

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