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Best Diploma Courses After 12th Commerce/Arts/Science

Diploma courses allow students to enhance their skills in certain fields. Therefore, it can be beneficial for the students if they pursue various types of diploma courses after 12th. Hence, diploma courses along with degree courses enhance the chances of getting job opportunities for students.

Additionally, there are plenty of distance education universities that offer diploma courses to students in online or distance mode. However, it is important to know which diploma courses students can pursue according to their stream.

Hence, further, you are going to get the essential information of the best diploma courses after the 12th. Additionally, you will also know about the job opportunities of a diploma course.

Students of every stream can pursue various diploma courses. Hence, below are some of the distance learning diploma courses 12th students can enrol are:

Diploma Programs After 12th for Science Students

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the ideal diploma courses for students. The duration of the Digital Marketing course is from 3 months to 1 year. Also, with the rise of social media digital marketing has a huge scope. Also, in digital marketing students learn about search engine optimization, content marketing, analytic and web building, etc.

Additionally, after completing this course you can get job profiles such as social media analyst, SEO executive, social medical manager, and others.


Science students with biology disciplines can pursue diploma courses if they want to make a career in the healthcare industry. So, bio students can opt for the General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) course. In this course, students learn about the nursing fundamentals, gynaecology, anatomy, and pediatric nursing.

Business Management

Pursuing a diploma in business management can offer students plenty of job opportunities in the corporate field. Also, this program imparts you with the skills such as critical thinking, reasoning ability, problem-solving, and various other skills that are important for managerial jobs. Additionally, a diploma course in business management can be advantageous to the students that are pursuing MBA correspondence.

Medical Lab Technology

In this diploma course, students learn about the concepts such as Basics of medical laboratory technology, Clinical biochemistry, Pathology, Hematology, General anatomy, physiology, etc.

Additionally, the job of the medical lab technologist is to perform the test to cure a disease. So, some of the work of the medical lab technologist is to examine blood, body tissue, urine, stool, etc.


Students can pursue various types of engineering diplomas such as diplomas in civil engineering, diploma in mechanical engineering, diploma in electrical engineering, diploma in chemical engineering, and others. So, students can pursue any of the engineering diploma courses as per their interests.

Diploma Courses for Commerce Students

Financial Accounting

This program imparts students with the topics like auditing & taxation, management, business law, accounting, etc. therefore, students can apply for accounting jobs in companies once they complete their diploma in financial accounting.


If you want to keep your body healthy and want to make your hobby your career. So, a diploma in yoga is very beneficial because nowadays professional yoga teachers are in huge demand. Also, a professional yoga teacher can make handsome money in this profession.

So, this program focuses on teaching the history of yoga, traditional and contemporary yoga, yoga practices and therapies, yoga postures, etc. so students can get proficiency in yoga practice.


A diploma in banking can help you to get plenty of job opportunities in various banking sectors. Hence this course teaches banking laws, Financial institutions and, global markets, Customer-bank relationships, Bank structure and forms, Credits, foreign trade, foreign exchange, etc.

Additionally, after completing this course students can get jobs in wealth management, investment banking, deposit operation, electronic banking, commercial banking, retail banking, personal banking, and others.

Hotel Management

Some of the major topics of the diploma in hotel management course are principal of management, corporate communication, Accommodation and leisure management, Food and beverage management, Consumer behaviour, Hospitality marketing, etc.

Furthermore, after completing a diploma in hotel management students can get various job opportunities in resorts, hotels, catering companies, cruise ships, and similar other fields. Additionally, some of the job profiles in this field are duty manager, front desk receptionist, restaurant manager, etc.

Arts Diploma Courses for 12th Passed Students

Interior Designing

If you are creative and like to improve the looks of the places by decorating them, a diploma course in an interior designing online course can be worthwhile for you. Also, this is one of the courses that are based on practical knowledge so you do not get easily bored while studying this course.

Moreover, some of the important topics in this course are construction, design, lighting, arts, graphics, etc. Also, once you complete your diploma you can work to design many hotels, malls, homes, cafes, clubs, restaurants, and other places.

Event Management

Event management is one of the easiest and most demanding jobs. However, to become a successful event manager it is important to have excellent managerial skills. Therefore, a diploma in event management provides you with knowledge of concepts such as public relations, communication skills, logistics, financial management, legal aspects, and various other skills that improve managerial skills.


Students can complete a diploma in various languages such as English, German, France, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, Persian, Japanese, etc. Also, a diploma in languages is in high demand and you can do various jobs such as an interpreter, tourist guide, and translator.


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Students can pursue many distance education diploma courses according to their stream. Also, many diploma courses do not require any stream criteria so students of any stream can opt for those courses. So, some courses are diploma in mass communication, diploma in business management, diploma in fashion designing, and others.

Therefore, to enroll in distance learning courses students can apply at distance colleges or institutes that are approved by the UGC and DEB

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